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1991-1994 NSX Body Repair Manual

1991-1994 NSX Body Repair Manual 2023-02-15

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[[1991-1994 NSX Body Repair Manual]]

This is the factory manual that describes how to properly repair the NSX's complex aluminum body. While it is for 1991-1994 NSX models, the techniques are applicable to all NSX models.

It is false that the NSX cannot be repaired if there is damage to the "frame." The NSX does not have a frame in the conventional sense, but it does use an extruded aluminum monocoque arrangement that provides the same rigidity as a traditional box frame. This H-shaped structure can be pulled within certain limits, but in most cases the damaged component will have to be cut out and a new piece welded in. This manual describes how to do that in a way that will preserve the structural integrity of the car.

Any collision shop should follow the process described in this manual. If they tell you differently, you should go to a different shop.
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