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  • Hey all. Just seeing the 2022 Type S Spec sheet. Thank you so much for putting that together! The info on number 265 isn't completely accurate. Anyone I can contact to clarify, please? Full Red Leather, Berlina Black Wheels, XM. Thank you!
    I have a 2017 NSX. How can I become "verified" on NSX Prime in order to participate in the Owner Discussion (Gen 2) private area of the forum?
    would you kindly reach out, im hoping to somehow revive my platinum account im locked out of and no longer have email access (ex-work). thank you so much,
    Was not sure about how to reach out to you and the other moderators. I was invited to become a moderator on the Second Generation NSX Facebook forum by Jim Cross who started the Facebook page. Anyway he would like to find ways in which NSXPrime can interact with his group. Just talking at this point hoping to find ways to collaborate. I like the idea. We should discuss perhaps on a Zoom format? Anyway they are 300+ strong.
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