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Factory Service Manuals

Factory Service Manuals 2023-02-13

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As our NSX continues to age, it will become more and more important for member to be able to service their cars. Most Acura dealers no longer employ technicians who are familiar with the NSX, as the original techs are long gone or retired.

As such, this is a repository for as many service literature documents as we can gather.
This is the original service manual for the 1991 USDM Acura NSX.

Note that most of the information will apply to 1991-1994 NSX models, but there may be small differences in things like wiring pin locations, etc. between the years.

Also, DO NOT follow the engine removal procedure described in this manual to the extent it says to separate the rear ball joints- you can damage your control arms this way. Owners should reference the process in the 1997 service manual, which specifies the right way to do it.
[[1997-2005 NSX SERVICE MANUAL]]
This is the updated service manual for the 1997+ USDM Acura NSX. It also contains the 2002+ supplement for the facelifted 2002+ NSX. The contents inside the PDF are:
1998 Supplement => Page 1
1999 Supplement => Page 41
2000 Supplement => Page 67
2001 Supplement => Page 167
2002 Supplement => Page 195
2003 Supplement => Page 295
2004 Supplement => Page 315
2005 Supplement => Page 363

The primary 1997 manual starts on page 375. Owners should reference the 1997 manual first and then the supplement for their model year NSX to check if anything changed.
***NOTE*** The manual is missing pages 11-65 to 11-106, which concern engine trouble code diagnostic procedures.
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