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  1. 1

    Interior WTB 2002-2005 oem radio stereo

    looking for a late model 02+ factory stereo located in socal thank you
  2. vbolsec

    Front bumper NA2 original or replica

    Hi, looking for front bumper NA2 2002 style, original or replica of original. Also considered Sorcery front bumper. please dm or send me an email to: [email protected] My location is Europe, Croatia. Thanks, Viktor
  3. C

    Exhaust 2002 OEM Muffler (no tips)

    2002 OEM Muffler NA2 (no tips), 24k miles, all oem heat shields in good condition with light scuffs. Pick up preferred - SOLD!
  4. ca2822

    02+ Headlight Conversion Wiring Help

    I'm having issues with wiring up my '02 headlight conversion onto my '92. Looking at the instructions from SOS, I do not have the correct color wires that they are talking about. The wiring instructions say to connect (left is factory car wires, right is headlamp wires) Black - Black Red/Yellow...
  5. GQ NSX

    OEM 2002+ Taillights - Excellent Condition (Tinted Dark)

    $750 shipped. Parts are available for pickup in So. Cal. Selling a set of OEM 02+ tails that are painted a dark red/black, modified by a previous owner. When the sun hits the tails, they show hints of red. In the shade, they are quite dark. Multiple coats of high quality paint were used to...
  6. M

    WTB: 02+ salvage title nsx (repaired preferred) or un-repaired

    Looking to purchase a 02+ salvage nsx (repaired preferred). Have a buyer for my 91 so looking to purchase soon! let me know what you have!
  7. 1

    2002 GPW NSX Build Up

    1036NA's 2002 GPW NSX Build Up Hello Prime! Just wanted to share my story with you guys :) Long story so jump to photos if you aren't interested LOL I have lusted for this car since I first saw it in 1992 (I was 12, but even more so back in 1998 when I as next to the Zanardi) My wife found this...
  8. DQJoe

    2002 NSX Blue/Blue, 19.9k Miles, JH4NA21642T000214, $58,000

    2002 NSX-T VIN #:JHNA21642T000214 CURRENT MILEAGE:19,918 COLOR (EXT/INT): LBBP/Blue TRANSMISSION: Manual - 6SPD LOCATION OF VEHICLE (CITY/STATE): Orange County/CA CONTACT VIA (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.): PM or email [email protected] PRICE (MUST STATE A PRICE, IS IT FIRM OR...
  9. Caustic

    02 OEM NSX parts

    All of these parts come from, or were for, my 2002 Berlina Black NSX. Location is south Florida near Ft. Lauderdale. sold OEM 7 spoke wheels w/ new Dunlop DZ101s $2200, local pickup The wheels have a few nicks from driving but are in excellent shape. The two worst wheels are pictured below. The...
  10. Nero Tenebre

    Exterior WTB: Downforce or OEM 02 2002+ Front Bumper

    Looking to purchase a DF or OEM 02 front bumper, please let me know what you have and what condition it's in (painted, new, used, etc.).
  11. L

    2002 NSX-T Long Beach Blue Pearl / Onyx VIN JH4NA21662T000182

    Not available. Please lock thread.
  12. Nero Tenebre

    Exterior 02+ Headlights or Aftermarket Equivalent

    Thinking of doing an 02 front end conversion, and looking at both OEM and aftermarket headlight options. Really just looking for the headlight housings and associated hardware but don't really need the HID system necessarily if that brings the price down, and I would consider new or used parts...
  13. Cantrell Concepts

    Cantrell Studios 2002 GT front bumper

    Up for sale is a brand new Cantrell Studios 2002 style GT front bumper. FRP composite with white gel coat finish. Only one available. Requires 2002+ headlights and hood. Fits factory fenders. Retail price: 985.00 Sale: 795.00 Plus Shipping Thanks, Will [email protected]
  14. C

    2002 Silver/Black, 24,5k mi JH4NA21602T000050

    2002 is the first year of the updated skin. Targa top, 3.2L engine, 6 speed manual, CD changer. It's time for me to sell my NSX :< I'm the second owner, having purchased it from Lindsay Acura in Columbus, OH in the summer of 2006 after they bought it at auction from Honda Finance. It was...
  15. P

    2002 Spa Yellow/Onyx 17.5K miles, 52k JH4NA21642T000133

    2002 Spa Yellow/Onyx 17.5K miles, $51k JH4NA21642T000133 SOLD 2002 NSX-T JH4NA21642T000133 17,500 miles Spa Yellow/Onyx Black 6sp Manual 3.2L[/ [B]$51,000 or reasonable offer supported with facts (see the following) If my price is not reasonable, you're welcome to inform me...just include...
  16. snglturbosupra

    2001 Red/Tan 02 update Rebuilt Title VIN# JH4NA21601T000094

    Hey guys. Time has come where i need to sell the nsx. The car does have a rebuilt title from a light rear end hit. I do have pictures of the damage. this was back in 2003. It's been to Acura and when I tell them it was hit in the rear and had a rebuilt title they dont believe me since there is...