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2002 Spa Yellow/Onyx 17.5K miles, 52k JH4NA21642T000133

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1 January 2007
2002 Spa Yellow/Onyx 17.5K miles, $51k JH4NA21642T000133


2002 NSX-T
17,500 miles
Spa Yellow/Onyx Black
6sp Manual 3.2L[/
$51,000 or reasonable offer supported with facts (see the following)

If my price is not reasonable, you're welcome to inform me...just include reasons better than "I only want to spend $45,000" or "I can only afford $45,000." If you don't include reasons, unfortunately, you are presenting a "low ball offer" despite any attempts to convince yourself otherwise.

The car was purchased new in Florida. My business bought the car in 2004 with 12,000 miles. I sold the car from my business to me personally (when I sold my business) in 2007 with 16,000 miles. I have documentation for these transactions.

The title is clean with no liens. I have never had a loan/lien on the car.

The CARFAX report is completely clean.

The car has had no accidents

The car has had no body or paint work at all. I have put a scratch in the car myself (ugh!). I used the Acura touch up paint to cover the scratch. The scratch did not go through to the metal, and it did not dent the car in any way.

I have some maintenance records, but not the complete history. I have had the car serviced at Acura Brookfield (check Prime--excellent dealer for NSX servicing).

The original tires are installed on the car. The Potenzas have about 2-3K miles on them. The original owner swapped the wheels and tires for chromed wheels and Hankook tires. I swapped them back in an effort to return the car to stock condition. The chromed wheels and tires are included in the sale (see pics). The Hankook tires have little wear (the balance of 17K-3K = 15K use, not abuse).

The car is not modified. I added the OEM Acura keyless entry. Both key fobs with their leather cases are included.

This is NOT A SALVAGE TITLE or any other funny business. I have driven the car very little (bought with 12K miles, drove home from NJ, now has 17K miles). I'm 6'2" and my head bumps the roof. My garage is too small (so I scratched the car!). I don't NEED to sell the car, but I no longer get the same pleasure out of owning the car that I once did.

I've had fun at the NSX Car Corrals and being a member of NSXCA. I have all the issues from my join date in 2004 until now. I will include them with the car.

I have the original keys (minus the "master" key), the key fobs with leather cases, owner's manual, etc. The car includes the CD changer and all other accessories originally provided with the car.

The interior condition is excellent. I would have to nitpick to mention anything wrong. For full disclosure's sake, here goes: The #5 radio button printing is scratched. The clock module has a red LED which was an alarm indicator (I removed the alarm system to bring back to stock). The stock floor mat NSX logo threads are slightly roughed up (I said full disclosure).

The exterior condition is excellent with the noted exceptions. To be clear, without the noted exceptions, the exterior is essentially similar to factory new. Again, for full disclosure's sake, here goes: The dreaded scratch--There's a ~4" long x 1/8" high (10cm x 3mm) scratch on the right rear quarter, above the side lamp. The scratch does not go through to the metal, but does go to the primer. The metal was not damaged in any way (done backing out of my garage--something fell over on a shelf and I did not see it). The side air dams have 2-3 rock chips exposing the bright white primer. See the photos. That's about all I can pick out without getting ridiculous.

The wheels are perfect, not curb rubbed.

I am asking $52,000. I am in no way desperate to sell the car. Yes, it's true I cannot pay my mortgage. It's also true that I don't have one.

If you have a good reason why my asking price is out of line for this car, I'm willing to listen and negotiate. Otherwise, $52K for an '02 in excellent condition with very low miles (discounted for the scratch) seems fair based on NSX Prime recent sales and other listings.
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Bump please. Price reduced from $52,000 to $51,000.
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