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a.s. motorsport

  1. A.S. Motorsport

    Carbon fiber targa top

    Hello, We have noticed that there is quite some interest in a carbon fiber T-top. We would like to get a more accurate view of potential interest and some input from NSX-T owners. The basic idea is to make a carbon fiber t-top for the NSX-T there are two options a complete targa top in cf...
  2. A.S. Motorsport

    NSX-R Packages (DISCOUNT!) @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello, NEW at A.S. Motorsport, NSX-R Discount Packages. We have 4 NSX-R Discount Packages Package 1 Body & Swaybar Carbon Fiber NSX-R Hood (SC) Carbon Fiber NSX-R Wing (SC) 3 way adjustable sway bars (front & rear) (CT) Only: $1,549.5 (Save $295.5) Package 2 Body & Seats Carbon Fiber...