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a.s. motorsport

  1. A.S. Motorsport

    TODA NSX parts @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello, As many of you know we sell pretty much all NSX parts that include the rare and exclusive ones, Here is the current TODA NSX range. For those unfamiliar with TODA, TODA is well known highly respected Japanese engine tuner they've made many of the 3.5L Race NSX engines used in SuperGT...
  2. A.S. Motorsport

    ASM Performance parts (Big brake kits & Induction parts)

    Hello Everyone, I'd like to let everyone know we've update our ASM product line and engineering and fabrication services. What's new? Expanded line of Big Brake kits (BBK) and OE BBK's. 5 NSX BBK's 3 NSX OE BBK's Throttle body rebore service and new thermal TB mounts. Thermal...
  3. A.S. Motorsport

    RF Yamamoto NSX parts > exhaust, body work and more! @ A.S. Motorsport

    A.S. Motorsport is pleased to announce we now sell all RF Yamamoto parts from Japan, These are superb high-quality NSX parts, RF Yamamoto was also the manufacture for the GT One/Rom F1 exhaust. and continues to make F1 style exhaust systems next to there stylish line of body parts that are give...
  4. A.S. Motorsport

    STMPO Europe - now at A.S. Motorsport

    A.S. Motorsport is proud to announce it now carries the full STMPO range for Europe. Now available to all European customers is the full high quality range of STMPO NSX products. With competitive prices and low cost shipping with in Europe. Shipping usually is just €11.50 to €24.50. No...
  5. A.S. Motorsport

    Dealer Listing: 1992 NSX, Black, Manual, Modified -JHMNA11500T10063 (THE NETHERLANDS)

    Make: Honda Original Honda not a rebuilt Acura Model: NSX Year: 04/1992 Mileage: 74.500 KM = 46.562 Miles Color: Black Int Color: Black/Red Black OEM with Red Recaro racing seats Transmission: Manual Modifications: Exterior: TaiTec 99 JGTC Front bumper OZ Superleggera wheels NSX-R...
  6. A.S. Motorsport

    Special offers for European NSX owners

    A.S. Motorsport, Currently has special deals for European NSX owners. For more information regarding our Special deals contact us. Visit our web site for the largest NSX specific catalogue in Europe. www.AS-Motorsport.com Discounts following brands: Suspension parts KW Suspension kits Air...
  7. A.S. Motorsport

    J's Racing NSX products (Exhaust, Clutch, Brake lines)

    A.S. Motorsport is a direct dealer from J's Racing Japan. We offer the full J's Racing product catalogue, Here you see the newest additions to the A.S. Motorsport NSX catalogue Exhaust Titanium 60RS exhaust system $2450 Available in polished and burnt finish For NA1 and NA2 Brake lines...
  8. A.S. Motorsport

    Special offer: 10% Discount on CTE Exhausts, Superchargers, Air Intakes, Suspension

    Hello Everyone, Now at A.S. Motorsport special offer on all CT-Engineering products! (also non NSX) We are a authorized CT-Engineering dealer. North American clients benefit from extra low cost shipping! Superchargers <table cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td...
  9. A.S. Motorsport

    Team Dynamics Racing Wheels

    Hello, We are now offering Team Dynamics Racing wheels at extra competitive pricing. Top quality European Racing wheels used in many top racing classes including European GT3 and World Touring Car Championship. Pro Race 1.2 Weights 7.0 x 15 from 6.1kgs (13.4lbs) 7.0 x 16 from 7.4kgs...
  10. A.S. Motorsport

    Hawk Brake pad & Koni shock special offer at A.S. Motorsport!

    Hello everyone! We have a Hawk Brake pad & Koni shock special offer at A.S. Motorsport! EXTRA LOW SHIPPING! Quick Pad guide HPS - High Performance Street Compound HP Plus - Autocross & Track Compound PC - Performance Ceramic ultra-low dust, low...
  11. A.S. Motorsport

    CT Engineering special extra discount! Superchargers, Suspension, Intake, Exhausts

    <body> <p class="style1">Hello Everyone, <br> <br> Now at A.S. Motorsport special offer for all CT-Engineering products! <br> We are a official CT-Engineering dealer. <br> <br> <span class="style2">North American clients benefit from extra low cost shipping! </span><br> <br>...
  12. A.S. Motorsport

    Special offer for European NSX owners

    Special offer for European NSX owners. KW V3 Coilover kit Features: • Independently adjustable damping technology -rebound and compression damping • inox-line stainless steel technology • Individual height adjustment • German TUEV-tested adjustment parameters • High-quality components for long...
  13. A.S. Motorsport

    ARK Catback exhaust and Coilover kits

    Available at A.S. Motorsport ARK NSX Specific Exhaust and Coilover products Low cost shipping options for North American clients! ARK DT-S Exhaust System – $1,240 - NSX 91-96 (NA1 – C30A) - All bolt on system. - All Mirror Polished Stainless T-304. - Street Performance Spec. -...
  14. A.S. Motorsport

    ARC Titanium exhaust, Oil system upgrades, Air Intake & Radiators

    Hello Everyone, Now available at A.S. Motorsport the full range of ARC products. Here you have a quick NSX specific ARC product overview: NA1/2 Oil pan ARC racing thermostats ARC Racing Radiator for NSX NA1/2 ARC Super induction box Available for NA1 and NA2...
  15. A.S. Motorsport

    Bride racing & sport seats

    Hello everyone, The Full range of Bride racing and reclining seats are available from A.S. Motorsport. Price list
  16. A.S. Motorsport

    NSX Coilover kits from KW Suspensions

    Hi there, Now available at A.S. Motorsport, KW Suspension systems and kits. KW Suspension V3 Stainless steel Coilover kit Features: • Independently adjustable damping technology -rebound and compression damping • inox-line stainless steel technology • Individual height adjustment • German...
  17. A.S. Motorsport

    JIC Magic suspension and wheels & seats

    Hi, Here you can see the superb JIC Magic suspension kit's for the NSX Price: $2,194 USD Save 5% over MSRP Low cost shipping available for North American clients EU clients please contact us Application: NA1 NA2 _________________________________________________ Wheels JIC J-Force 07...
  18. A.S. Motorsport

    Fujita Shortram air intake @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hi, Here you see our current pricing on Fujita Short Ram air intakes, $209 USD Ex shipping €270 Euro Shipped with in EU For more information please contact us. Prices are subject to currency exchange.
  19. A.S. Motorsport

    GruppeM parts @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello everyone. Here you see our updated GruppeM products list for the Acura/Honda NSX. Note: we also sell all GruppeM replacement and maintenance parts and products manuals also available for GruppeM owners. We only sell original GruppeM Products as a official GruppeM Inc. dealer. Don't buy...
  20. A.S. Motorsport

    Esprit Tune Up kit (incl. ECU, Cold Air Intake, Throttel body) @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello everyone, We have a special offer on the Esprit tune up kit for the NSX, Whats included: - HKS F-Con Pro ECU - Wiring Harness - 83mm Throttle Body - Throttle Body wiring adapters - HKS Intake filter - Esprit cold air box How much does it cost: $4.350 (USD) $1100 Discount!! €3.395...
  21. A.S. Motorsport

    Interior parts (Incl Spoon & Mugen) @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello, Here you see a few of the interior parts that we sell, MUGEN Mugen 2008 Steering wheel Mugen Shift Knob duralumin (5 Speed) Available in: Black, Blue, Yellow, Cream, Red Mugen S1 Full Bucket seat Mugen Seat rails SPOON Steering wheel Spoon full bucket seat Spoon Sports...
  22. A.S. Motorsport

    TAITEC products @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hi everyone, Here you see our TaiTec parts: (Also in CF) Interior Handling Exhaust and air intake Contact us for information and pricing.
  23. A.S. Motorsport

    GT Design parts @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello everyone, Here you see a couple of the GT Design products that we sell, Front half bumper N1 Bumper N1 Side skirts Carbon Fiber NSX-R hood Carbon Fiber diffusers GT Design Xtreme exhaust system Available in dual and quad tips. F1 Headers For current pricing please...
  24. A.S. Motorsport

    Route KS parts @ A.S. Motorsport

    Hello everyone, We can import all Route KS parts straight from Japan. Here you have a small line up. ZAZ RGT (NSX-RGT replica) Le Mans kit (95 Le Mans style) Hornet Other Route KS exterior parts are also available. Headlight cover Super GT Style Roof scoop (Great...
  25. A.S. Motorsport

    Glass Targa top

    Hello everyone, We are currently doing research into a Glass/Acrylic targa top for the NSX-T. We would like to have some user input, wishes and ideas. Secondly we would like to see who would be interested. The concept is to create a targa top just like those on Corvettes (C4/C5/C6 one piece...