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ball joint

  1. Z

    nsx wheel bearings

    it has come to this after a few days of searching, reading and videos. i damaged the rear right hub while trying to remove my bearing (still seized on the knuckle). in doing so i notice my ball joints are bad on both rear ends. i read that steve ghent out of California does them but i cant find...
  2. Jeff@Carbon6

    Building a better Ball Joint for the NSX - Carbon 6 Composites

    About a year ago we started working on OEM replacement front ball joints for the NSX. Since the new parts are no longer available or very scarce, we needed some options for many of the NSX's we service in our area. Originally, our idea we to make a matched version of the original. Once we took...
  3. Stevon

    Knuckle Ball Joint Replacement

    NSXPRIME members, In the past have offered a method to replace knuckle ball joints in previous articles. My backyard mechanic procedure was an affordable alternative to buying a $700.00 knuckle. Had the fortune to take a knuckle to a machine shop and "MIC OUT" the taper and measurements. The...