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body shop

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    Paint options, seeking a quality refresh....without breaking the bank

    Hey guys,I am hoping for advice and help to find a shop to refresh or repaint my 96 NSX-T. I have had it for 22 years and it has accumulated little chips and scratches on most panels. some of which will require paint...When I have looked locally in the Seattle area I am getting paint quotes in...
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    Body shop reference in Tualatin/Tigard Oregon

    Does anyone in the Tualatin/Tigard Oregon area have experience with either Kadel's Auto Body or Tualatin Auto Body? I am having my right front fender replaced and their quotes are similar but I wonder whether someone out here can give me a recommendation as to which shop. Thanks in advance
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    Just Got Into a Car Accident... Good Body Shop in LA?

    FML!!!! i just got into a car accident. i'm ok, but my baby is not. front bumper, right front fender, rims... it hurts... anyone know of any good reliable body shop in LA???
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    Any NSX knowledgeable Body Shops near Downtown LA?

    Does anyone know any NSX knowledgeable Body Shops near Downtown LA? Reasonable price and excellent work on NSXs? Someone who knows and have worked on NSXs before? I ran over those parking stoneheads, which sorta detached my front spoiler and my passenger side front bumper seems to be loose...