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  1. I

    iLIFT® Intelligent Suspension Lift Systems - http://iLiftSystems.com

    The iLIFT® system is the most advanced, robust lift system on the market, with the unique capability to operate automatically, without the need for a driver to press a button to raise their vehicle. Eliminates vehicle damage from scraping on speed bumps, steep driveways, or other road...
  2. ca2822

    KWv3 Install

    Similar posts have already been made and discussions on KWv3 installs are already plentiful. I just thought I'd share my install experience and provide some motivation/help/insight to those attempting to install their coilovers! I don't have much experience with doing automotive installs and...
  3. S

    Suspension Comptech Pro Coilover suspension for sale

    Hi, I have a comptech pro suspension that has been used for less then 2000 miles. This suspension is in like new condition and is set up for the optimal ride height for your nsx (just bolt in on and you are done) This kit is available for 3495.00 from comptech and I am looking $1800. The...
  4. kuni

    Suspension Tein RA Coilovers

    Tein RA coilovers in great shape, fits all years. Full aluminum body, one of the lightest coilovers available for the car. Spring rates are 10K front, 12K rear. Used on my car for a couple thousand miles, if that. Pillowball joints are rock solid and no chattering or noise whatsoever. 16...
  5. Nick675

    looks like KSport USA has their own NSX.

    I know, I know KSport is an Asian company in Taiwan doing knock off brakes and suspensions.... well that's how they sort of started. But now after several years KSport is getting more and more into the racing scene and I can't keep knocking them since they have been getting a better reputation...
  6. V

    NSX Suspension - Coilover kit Adjustable Used

    WTB Suspension for my NSX, new or used im looking for a new or slightly used suspension kit, NSx R would be awesome or any good adjustable one. let me know