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looks like KSport USA has their own NSX.

12 July 2009
I know, I know KSport is an Asian company in Taiwan doing knock off brakes and suspensions.... well that's how they sort of started. But now after several years KSport is getting more and more into the racing scene and I can't keep knocking them since they have been getting a better reputation.

I know Dave will certainly chime in on this since he's used KSports for a couple of years now

NSX at 2:02 in vid.
<iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/21737191?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0" frameborder="0" height="225" width="400"></iframe>
KSport Open House from Corey Denomy on Vimeo.
Looks like a nice open house. I like the recent marketing, very professional. I believe they've had an NSX for a few years now. It's also on their website. I even think it was on SOS's website for one of the wheels they sell - not sure. I had heard that the head of KSport USA (Nick) liked the NSX - maybe it is his?

Yes, I've used their Circuit Pro dampeners for over 2.5 years now with no problems. A good 20k daily-driven miles have been put on them, but keep in mind I run tall sidewall OEM 15/16" tires so that helps in the comfort department. KSport can work with you on springs and valving to match your requirements.

From this thread you can read the spring rates I have. I think they are an excellent dampener for a very aggressive street setup, or track setup. It's a performance dampener, so folks that want a cushy ride should probably look elsewhere, unless you change the spring rates and dampening.