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exhaust manifolds

  1. N

    Exhaust O.E.M. exhaust system

    Removed early on 1995 O.E.M. exhaust system. In the Van Nuys Ca. area. $300.00 Sold 5/7/16 $150.00
  2. R

    Exhaust WTB - OEM Exhaust Manifolds from 97-99 with manual transmission

    I'd like to buy the original tubular exhaust manifolds from a 97-99 manual trans. to install on a 91.
  3. Nero Tenebre

    Headers OEM Exhaust Manifold & Heat Shields 1995

    18100-PR7-A00 MANIFOLD ASSY., FR. EX. 001 1995 NSX $338.02 List 18110-PR7-A00 MANIFOLD ASSY., RR. EX. 001 1995 NSX $338.02 18120-PR7-A00 COVER, FR. EX. MANIFOLD 001 1995 NSX $249.88 18130-PR7-A00 COVER A, RR. EX. MANIFOLD 001 1995 NSX $249.88 18131-PR7-A00 COVER B, RR. EX. MANIFOLD 001 1995...
  4. A

    franken-exahust; who can ID these parts?

    I pulled the following tail bits off my 94'. It's a bit of a callico after years of improvement by various bad people ^D^D^D^D^D^D owners . First item: Frankenheaders - Appears to be legit DC NA2 headers with some atrocious MIG work to fit 91 cats. If so what should I do with them?? Next up...
  5. B

    1998 NSX OEM complete exhaust syst for sale

    1998 NSX OEM exhaust syst for sale Hi, I am up to sell my OEM 1998 exhaust manifolds and Cat Back. Both are in great shape w/o damage. Everything have been professionally removed. I’ve installed SOS Headers and GTLW. I will accept pick up or ship to US/Canada. ( From Montreal )...
  6. M

    Aftermarket headers, Comptech or DC?

    For sale are the headers that came on my car when I bought it (1992 NSX). They are an early Comptech design. Please note that I was not able to pass CA smog with them, they are off my car since I replaced them with a new set of CT Engineering headers, which enabled me to pass smog. I'm hoping...

    95 OEM Muffler, Exhaust manifolds, pipes & shields- $125

    1995 Factory muffler $150 10/13 REDUCED to $100 + S&H with rare factory original ‘Coke Can’ style tips **Great condition** 1995 Factory exhaust manifolds, pipes & shields $25 + S&H All were removed from car at 36K miles. Email me at [email protected] or call 314 581-8000 for quicker...