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franken-exahust; who can ID these parts?

17 February 2010
Bethesda, MD
I pulled the following tail bits off my 94'. It's a bit of a callico after years of improvement by various bad people ^D^D^D^D^D^D owners .

First item:
Frankenheaders - Appears to be legit DC NA2 headers with some atrocious MIG work to fit 91 cats. If so what should I do with them??

Next up:
Mystery muffler - Bears the JDM exhaust 'jasma' registration, but no manufacturers name. It's loud.

I've decided to go with CT headers and exhaust / prospeed cats; with fear of MD emissions laws.


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Headers - Sad to say but i've actually seen worse.

Exhaust - That's an HKS exhaust! Very cool exhaust however it's not known to be loud. If yours is, it may be blown inside.

JASMA is not a brand. It's a Japan certification sort of like CARB.
I have the same exhaust. It's not loud. But if you run straight pipe, the rumble from the exhaust is good enough the sound off the car alarms.:biggrin:
My HKS does not have this Jasma ID. HKS sounds excellent with out cats FWIW. It;s the only exhaust i've found that does not drone with out the cats. You might want to run it. The discoloration is not an issue. Mine has it also.
The HKS exhaust always seems to dicolor like that - I have heard one with straight pipes that sounded terrrible.

Those headers are DC sports - no need to change them, just have new flex sections put in and you're done.
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