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  1. J

    WTB- OEM original gas cap for 91 Nsx

    Looking for the original in good condition. Is grey color and says Honda Motor Co on it.
  2. luigib

    FS: OEM Injectors/Resistor Assembly

    These parts came off of my car at 45k miles. The car is a 1991. What you see is what you get. Every part functioned perfectly when they came off of the car, just swapped them out for the RDX mod. Injectors- $180 shipped obo Resistor Assembly- $25 shipped (Part Number: 30700-SL0-N11) PM...
  3. armyLT

    Forced Induction AEM Fuel/Ignition Controller F/IC-6

    AEM F/IC-6 for sale $300 MAG pick-up sensor. Used in my 1995 NSX-T with LoveFab Turbo Build. Let me know if interested with a PM or email, [email protected]
  4. Track Junkie

    PTE 680cc Injectors

    Injectors need o-ring set but otherwise perfect and have less than 1 hour on them (dyno only): PTE #043-0680; 680cc. My cost: $500; asking price: $380. Photos of this and other related parts here: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/ or here for Flash version...
  5. N

    NSX not starting

    Hi All, I started my 91NSX for my weekend drive and everything was great but when I got to the end of the driveway I turn it off to run back in the house. When I tried to start it again, it wouldn't start. The battery is new and it cranks but doesn't fire up, it has gas and i ohmed out the...
  6. SirParker

    Fuel Pump Problems: NEED HELP!

    I'm frustrated. :confused: I just replaced my fuel pump, which by the way was a real pain in the anus. Today my car turned off in the middle of accelerating. Now when I switch on the alternator I don't even hear the fuel pump turn on. Could someone please tell me what the problem might be?
  7. Track Junkie

    Charcoal Vapor Canister for 1992

    Need a charcoal (carbon?) vapor canister for a '92, preferably new, but if not, must not be saturated (or close to it). This is the device that traps expanded fuel vapor from that gas tank. Note that his part changed with OBD II; this is the earlier model. Please PM me if you have one you can...