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  1. MITA Motorsports

    Garage Kite Side Ducts @theNSXshop

    These amazing side ducts from Japan fit so well onto the OEM body that you wouldn't believe it is aftermarket. Fitment on these ducts are amazing and the great part is that they come with their own vents. Usually a batch of 4 comes in every 2 weeks for me but they seem to always be reserved...
  2. Wraythe

    Garage Finishing Questions?

    After ten years, my garage is now drywall finished. I have several questions to ask: 1. What sheen of paint would you recommend? I've been told either eggshell or satin. 2. Should I paint my ceiling a different color from the walls? Possibly Oatmeal color for walls and Dover white for the...
  3. S

    Carport Options

    All, I am about to purchase a NSX from a friend and right now he holds the car in his Garage. I do not have a garage but I would like to purchase a carport. I was curious to see what members own a carport, which model they own and where they purchased it from. As soon as I purchase the car...