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Carport Options

1 June 2009
Nuclear Power Plant, New York

I am about to purchase a NSX from a friend and right now he holds the car in his Garage. I do not have a garage but I would like to purchase a carport. I was curious to see what members own a carport, which model they own and where they purchased it from.

As soon as I purchase the car I would be hunting down a good outdoor car cover to hold me off until the Carport is finished.

I still have some time before the car arrives but was curious to get some ideas to complete the project possibly before it arrives in my driveway.

Thanks for your help!

Can't help ya with the carport, but I can recommend an "outdoor" cover supplier. Contact California Car Cover. They can walk you through the various fabric options depending on your storage/climate/exposure situation.

Oh, and congrats on the purchase, welcome to the family! :smile:
Ive noticed a couple online stores having sales for the PA NY NJ area, I assume business has slowed down a ton and people aren't purchasing new items to put in a car port.

Here are a few that I have found thus far. Figured I would share.





I am going to keep searching now that I know there are so many sales.

NOTE: This carport is only for temporary use until my father and I finish his garage, which is taking wayyyy to long.

Sweet. Nice find. I would rather not have to spend a ton of money on a temporary solution and that price does seem reasonable. I will have to post some pictures tonight of where the Car will be going for now.
Here is my carport. Nice looking laminated posts ,tounge and groove roof. These are used in the city parks as picnic shelters... Not cheap but well made. jeff


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Don't forget about the new deluxe carports at Costco. They are not available online, but you can pick them up at most local Costcos. It's a little under $200 and much better than the version they had a couple years ago. They now come with sides + front and back. This image shows something very similar.


They seem to survive the playa out at burning man. People rave about them.

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