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  1. T

    iLift kit experience

    I’m thinking of getting the iLift kit from Science of Speed. It seems like a worthwhile product to keep the front end from getting scraped up. Does anyone have experience with this product they can share? Build quality, impact on handling, etc.
  2. C

    Bay Area suspension shop?

    I still can't quite believe it, but I just picked up my '96 NSX. However, living in San Francisco, I can believe that I've already (lightly) bottomed the plastic lip. The iLIFT suspension kit is in my immediate future, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good suspension shop for the...
  3. I

    iLIFT® Intelligent Suspension Lift Systems - http://iLiftSystems.com

    The iLIFT® system is the most advanced, robust lift system on the market, with the unique capability to operate automatically, without the need for a driver to press a button to raise their vehicle. Eliminates vehicle damage from scraping on speed bumps, steep driveways, or other road...
  4. FF Drifter

    iLIFT Systems review: one year update

    Finally getting around to this! I had iLIFT Systems' VRH kit installed on my NSX in early June 2014 so it's been over a year now. I have put about 38000 miles on the NSX since then and have driven the car daily through a humid DC summer, a rainy autumn and spring, and snow/salt/ice through all...