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  1. P

    Signature SV101 Wheels - Gun Metal - 18x8+35 and 19x10+30 + Tien Kit

    Selling my Signature SV101 Staggered wheels and Tien 1” lowering spring set off of my 34,000 mile 1997 6-spd Acura NSX. These are real deal custom forged Signature Wheel (dot com) wheels - SV101 model, staggered for the NSX in gun-metal finish with matching color cap. Direct mount, no...
  2. N-Wing

    Thom Ayotte Camber Kit Full Installation Instructional Video / DIY

    I created this independent thread to so it would be searchable easy and have all the right Tags. Summary: If you want to install a Thom Ayotte Camber Kit, this video will walk you through it step by step. Good luck. PM with questions. Updated Video. Just a small spelling error. Nothing...
  3. N-Wing

    WANTED: Camber Kit - For Lowered Car

    UPDATE: I have the rear kit in route. I'm now looking for a FRONT kit. I'm looking to get a hold of a camber kit for a lowered car to get back to street compliant alignment. I know it's a tough one to run down but I figured I would give it a shot on this while I continue to look. PM Me.
  4. chussey

    WANTED: NSX CT/Comptech supercharger parts

    Looking for a used kit or any parts for the Ct/Comptech/SOS supercharger kit. I currently have a partial kit that I am trying to complete. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  5. Bwood

    Exterior WTB: Cantrell Concepts Rocker Panel Mounting Kit epp-891

    Need some support for my side skirts and SOS no longer sells this kit. :confused:
  6. Speedmaster

    Critique these alignment results...seeking more camber

    So, had the car driven by an NSX tech today. His guidance was for me to work on the camber on the front to manage the slight braking pull (to the right). Or, at least start there. Here are the results of the alignment. Am curious, if I put a camber kit on the front to get them both to say, -3...
  7. K

    Exterior WTB: widebody kit - cracked or peeling paint OK!

    I'm looking for an NSX wide body kit, any condition is all right as I'll be reworking it in our carbon fiber shop. Just fenders or just a part, or whole kit are OK, PM me and we'll discuss. Thanks!
  8. I

    NSX LED Light Conversion Kits - Change all the interior/exterior lights to LED's

    Ikonik LED Our LED Converison Kits include replacement LED bulbs for the following lights in the NSX: 1 LED Map Light 2 LED Door Lights 1 LED Driver Floor Light 1 LED Trunk Light 2 LED License Plate Lights 2 LED Clear Corner Lights 2 LED Reverse Lights 2 LED Inner Taillight Lights (next to...
  9. Iwillwin

    FS: NSX wide body kit GT300

    For sale Last chance to Own those new parts at 50% cut off regular price NSX Extreme dimensions wide body kit Duraflex GT300 MH Design, 8 parts totally new never install Fenders: front and back quarters Side skirt under doors Bumper: front and back as well Price is: $700.00+shipping at your...