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NSX LED Light Conversion Kits - Change all the interior/exterior lights to LED's

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9 October 2013
Ikonik LED

Our LED Converison Kits include replacement LED bulbs for the following lights in the NSX:

1 LED Map Light
2 LED Door Lights
1 LED Driver Floor Light
1 LED Trunk Light

2 LED License Plate Lights
2 LED Clear Corner Lights
2 LED Reverse Lights
2 LED Inner Taillight Lights (next to reverse bulbs)





*Save time and money by buying all these LED's in a kit made specifically for your NSX.
We have simplified the upgrade process and now provide a one stop shop for upgrading your automotive bulbs. You won’t have to research and figure out anything with us, you just simply order the kit for your car and it will include all the bulbs you will need to make your vehicle the classiest machine on the street. We have TESTED and INSTALLED our kits on a NSX to make sure our packages will provide everything you need.
We specialize in selling LED Lighting Kits as well as HID's and other lighting accessories for your car. LED's give your car a classy, sleek and cool look at night. If you enjoy cars as much as we do, you will understand how LED's can bring your car an appeal that will have woman throwing their phone numbers at you while you drive. No one can match the quality and ease of install of our bulbs. If you have any questions, Please let us know!

Please Visit our website to see all our products and other cars we have kits for at www.ikonikled.com

If you have any questions please send them to me [email protected].
If you have another car that you want a kit for thats not on the website, please just let us know.

Here is a Link to purchase the NSX Kit

Some other notable cars we do:

-MKIV Supra
-R35 GTR
-09'-13' WRX/STI Hatch
-09'-13' WRX/STI Sedan
-06'-13' Tacoma
And Many More!
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Hey Guys - I bought this LED Kit for my NSX. Its awesome. Installed in like 15 minutes - really easy. It really the car look new considering that the car is almost 20 years old. Those old bulbs just dated the vehicle - especially on the corner marker lights, reverse lights, etc. Looks sick at night. I bought mine at www.ikonikled.com.
We are now offering this handy kit to assist in the install of our LED Kit. This will help you get all the lights out of their sockets without damaging any interior components.

Only 12.99. Order Here!

Thank you for all the orders. We offer discounts for orders of multiple products. Please PM me if you are interested in ordering more than one.

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