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  1. L

    Driver's side interior leak

    I have a 1991 NSX which has water leaking in (soaking the carpet) on the driver's side behind the brake/gas pedals through the exterior wall. Seems to be upper left side. If it possible that debris has collected on the exterior, below the windshield not allow rain to properly drain outside and...
  2. etang789

    Coolant leak from engine block

    Found a cap on the engine block with some coolant leak. Not sure if there is a gasket inside or O Ring or just simple gasket sealant? Can someone tell me which parts is needed or how to fix this can't find any diagram for this section...
  3. C

    water leaking into engine bay

    hey Gang, I am not an owner as of yet, but have been looking for a while. I have inspected 2 cars for purchase and both of them have had water sitting in the engine bay cover tray. Is this normal? I passed on the first car because of this issue- I was buying the car from a distance and had an...