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  1. N-Wing

    WANTED: Camber Kit - For Lowered Car

    UPDATE: I have the rear kit in route. I'm now looking for a FRONT kit. I'm looking to get a hold of a camber kit for a lowered car to get back to street compliant alignment. I know it's a tough one to run down but I figured I would give it a shot on this while I continue to look. PM Me.
  2. 03 raw nsx

    Group Buy Camber Kit designed by Thom Ayotte

    Hey guys, I want to have a machine shop make this camber kit, since it is no longer being produced. If you are interested please let me know. I'm not doing this for profit, but just to offer a solution for anyone with a lowered car. please read more here...
  3. camber on '94 nsx

    hello Primers - i am working on the details of a purchase and had a question regarding the Camber on a lowered 94 model - the current camber specs are as follows: FL -2.10, FR -1.52, RL -2.40 RR -2.80 - stock specs suggest somewhere between -0.83 to 0.17 on the front and -2 to -1 in the rear...
  4. 03 raw nsx

    FS Work Wheels - Termist TS-1 18/19

    Work Termist TS-1 Wheels (tires not included) Forged 3 ea 18/8 +38 (2 are in excellent condition and one is re-finshed) 2 ea 19/10 +45 (1is in great condition and one is re-finshed) Purchased in March 2005 for about $4500.00 Asking for $750.00 + shipping These wheels were installed on my...
  5. snglturbosupra

    2001 Red/Tan 02 update Rebuilt Title VIN# JH4NA21601T000094

    Hey guys. Time has come where i need to sell the nsx. The car does have a rebuilt title from a light rear end hit. I do have pictures of the damage. this was back in 2003. It's been to Acura and when I tell them it was hit in the rear and had a rebuilt title they dont believe me since there is...