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  1. Brylek

    Memorabilia ***SOLD*** NSX tall / long oil filters

    I have 4 original tall oil filters, I am listing them as memorabilia. $200 shipped takes all 4. Honda part number: 15400-PL2-004 [email protected]
  2. chussey

    OEM Honda Tall Oil Filter

    I have ONE of the original and very hard to find tall OEM Honda oil filters available. In great shape. $60 shipped.
  3. chussey

    Need NSX engine to build a crankcase oil scraper.

    Hey Guys, I've been talking with a performance engineering firm in Central Florida who is interested in building a crankshaft oil scraper for the NSX engine. This would allow for better oil control and crankshaft balance due to removal of excess lubricant. The part will be available for...
  4. chussey

    WANTED! Auxiallty oil cooler setup/parts

    Looking for a liquid to air oil cooler setup for my NSX, used/needing work is ok. Let me know what you have!
  5. G

    Oil Analysis

    I just got back my oil analysis from blackstone labs. The sample was taken after 2 full race weekends. I using the denso tall filters that, according to the lab work great and provide great filtration. to see more go to my full report on my blog...
  6. bullithollywood

    Unofficial Used Oil Analysis Reports Thread

    After searching and not finding one I think it would be beneficial to have a "continuous thread" for posting UOAs taken on our cars all in one place. I've seen a few out there but I am sure there are folks who have many years of data on the oil they use and it'd be very informative to have a...
  7. G

    Preparing NSX for Willow Springs --Pt 1

    After doing some research and talking with oil engineers, I have decided to switch from Mobile 1 to Joe Gibbs Driven LS30 5w-30 synthetic oil. The high zinc content will provide protection for the engine internals, protect against rust and corrosion damage, and provide high temperature...
  8. G

    High oil temp

    Hey guys, I was a buttonwillow this weekend and had a great time but noticed I had some very high oil temps. I need some help. Air temp was about 100f Water temp 190-210 - perfect Oil around lap 4 265f. (hot lap) The sensor is in the oil pan I am using mobile one 10-30 synthetic So the...
  9. JS2k

    NSX Fumoto Oil Drain Valve - Making Oil Changes so much easier!

    About the JS2k.com Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Introducing the easiest way to change your oil with no need to remove the drain bolt or get hot oil on your hands! Benefits!: * No tools needed (for future oil changes) * Never get hot oil on your hands again! * Winter and Summer friendly oil...

    5 Tall NSX Oil filters - No Longer Available (except here)

    5 Tall NSX Oil filters - No Longer Available (except here) Part number 15400-PL2-004. Still wrapped in the original plastic wrap. $25 each shipped, with a discount given if you buy them all. Paypal accepted (add 3%). He who hesitates is lost..... John :biggrin: