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  1. 1991 Complete ABS unit

    Only has 63k miles on it but had sticky solenoids that made the light pop on. Should be a decent unit for those that rebuild. $225 Houston area. Email [email protected] for a quick reply
  2. Track Junkie

    ABS Pump - NA1

    Perfectly working ABS pump from 1992; originally listed in this thread as part of full assembly. No longer available from mfgr. Note: Connector not included! You will need to splice your existing pump connector to it. $300, you pay shipping. $795 for full assembly (including modulator...
  3. Clutch, oil and water pump needed for 1991 NSX

    Hi there, My 1991 NSX needs a major maintenance (having only 60000 km's on the clock); so have to change clutch, oil pump, water pump, timing belt .. Anyone has some new or as good as new parts they don't need anymore and want to sell? Regards, John
  4. chussey

    WANTED: Used timing belt, I'll cover shipping.

    Looking for a used timing belt so that I can turn over a spare engine I have. Don;t let your old timing belt go into the trash! I can cover shipping costs. Thanks!
  5. Eric @ Teknotik

    I had my timing belt and waterpump service done (precautionary) this spring at Teknotik. I had asked around Toronto with the usual suspects for quotes and the responses I got were astronomical prices which did not include all required items to do the job (really, updated tb cover is 'extra'?) OR...
  6. gt_nfr

    Timing Belt & WP - Rear belt cover issue

    Hey guys, I'm about 75% done with the TB and WP maintenance. So far, I've decided to replace everything included in the 90k service pack from Dali plus another $500 worth of seals, timing belt tensioner, new fuel filter, and new harmonic balancer. Along with some special tools, my total parts...
  7. SirParker

    Fuel Pump Problems: NEED HELP!

    I'm frustrated. :confused: I just replaced my fuel pump, which by the way was a real pain in the anus. Today my car turned off in the middle of accelerating. Now when I switch on the alternator I don't even hear the fuel pump turn on. Could someone please tell me what the problem might be?