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  1. M

    For Sale: Used OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Switches - Driver and Passenger Side

    For Sale: Used OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Switches/Regulators - Driver Side (Honda part #: 35750-SL0-A01ZA) and Passenger Side (Honda part #: 35760-SL0-A01ZA); Both in good working condition, and plastic connectors are intact- both driver and passenger switches have a very minor, barely...
  2. N

    Need Dali Window Fix it thingy for window regulator.

    I've got a 1st Gen and am rebuilding the window regulators. I see that people used to get the Dali Window Fix it thingy to replace the plastic stock piece. And, I see Dali Racing is out of bus. If you know of any remaining stock of this part or an alternate supplier, please advise
  3. Track Junkie

    Window Regulator 'Carrier'

    Need just the 'carrier' for an NA1 window regulator. This is the metal piece that is pulled by the cables and slides on the rail to raise and lower the window. Here's a couple pictures: Note that I do not need the 'wing' shown underneath the carrier in these pics that bolts to the window...
  4. KrayziE RussiaN

    Interior Driver (left) side Window Regulator Motor (used)

    This is a used regulator that I purchased a while back with intentions of upgrading it with the window kit available here on prime. I've been going through my items in the garage and found it, still in the box that it was originally shipped in from one of the members here on prime. I had...
  5. ca2822

    Window adjustment help

    So I've searched for hours on the forums for specific information about adjusting my windows, but couldn't find anything that specifically answered what I needed to know, so I'll attempt it here :biggrin: My driver side window has a pretty good seal and I've brought it into the dealer to get...
  6. S

    Very Slow Windows! But motor sounds ok...?

    i recently bought a 97 NSX-T and realized that the windows are very slow. i've heard that this is a common problem for NSXs. i've also heard that sometimes re-greasing the insides might fix this problem. on few occassion, the window on my driver's side actually paused in the middle of raising it...