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  1. Big McLargeHuge

    Brakes New 97+ Honda OEM Brake Rebuild Kits

    Selling brand new in-package OEM brake rebuild kits for 97+ calipers, 4 total for front & rear. I accidentally bought these instead of 91-96 rebuild kits which have different piston sizes so those seals are incompatible. The kits include all rubber seals and piston/pin boots, banjo bolt...
  2. 8kallday

    Targa Front Seal Replacement

    Looking for some input from the Targa folks regarding the replacement of the front weatherstrip/seal (72320-SL0-T01). The procedure for replacement is described starting on page 20-94 in the 91-96 PDF manual. Two main questions: [1] The next page 20-95, steps 6-11, describes removing...
  3. xory72

    Targa Parts

    Hey all, I am preparing my car for SEMA 2014 and I am looking at cleaning up a the targa top seals. What I am after is the rubber (not foam) seal between the outer retainer channel and the main targa top. The seal can not be purchased separate, only when you order #13 & 19, the entire...
  4. nsxrtd

    NEW genuine Honda NSX Timing belt, Water pump, Seals and Gaskets

    Sold. Please remove. NEW HONDA GENUINE 1991 and up: TIMING BELT - 14400-PR7-A01 WATER PUMP - 19200-PR7-A03 TENSIONER (does not say HOND but BY KOYO MADE IN JAPAN) - PU246531RR9F GASKET - 90401-634-000 pair GASKETS - 19222-PR7-A02 O RING - 91318-PY3-000 2 NUTS - 90049-PH7-000 7...