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seat belt

  1. 94nsxdude

    Interior 2000 OEM Driver Airbag and Seatbelts

    driver airbag - $175 + shipping driver and passenger seatbelts - $375 + shipping driver airbag: driver seatbelt: passenger seatbelt:
  2. I

    NA1 1991 Seatbelt Label

    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to get my NSX registered (in New Zealand) however the inspectors are failing it because they "can't identify the type of seat belts installed". It looks like there were little labels however both drivers and passenger side labels have been torn off. It would...
  3. Stevon

    Need 93+ SRS seatbelts with yellow Connectors

    Purchased a set of seat belts from a guy on Prime who swore they were from a 1994 car. Long story short, they were clearly labled 1990 and the wrong ones. I hope he will refund my money..... What I need is a set of undeployed 93+ seat belts both sides for my 1995-T, see example picture below...
  4. NSX41

    1995 acura nsx passenger seatbelt

    got one, thanks...
  5. U

    2003 Passenger side seatbelt wanted

    Hi, My salvaged '03 is in need of some parts for the passenger side seat belt. The gear box is broken- rest of the assembly is good. Assuming that the entire seatbelt assembly is sold as a unit, let me know if you have one available. In the unlikely event that just the gear box can be...