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  1. MITA Motorsports

    NSX Type R Sports Seats

    NSX TYPE R SPORTS SEATS NSX owners, get ready for the full NSX-R experience. MITA Motorsports is excited to share the arrival of our NSX Type R Style Sports Seats. We have received a high number of requests from enthusiasts asking for a sports seat that shares similar characteristics of the...
  2. lileasy123

    OEM Black Leather Seat Skin

    I have re-skinned my seats and have a set of used OEM seat leathers for sale that came out of my 92 NSX with 138k miles. Leather is probably a 7/10 (drivers side) with large wear spot on bolster, and probably 8 or 9/10 for passenger leather but in overall Good condition (much better than most...
  3. K

    Interior Sport Seat needed for '97 NSX

    Just joined SCCA and NASA, and now looking to go SOLO and maybe track racing this summer in my recently acquired '97 NSX-T. I'm 6'2" - too tall to fit in the stock seat with a helmet. I would like to find an inexpensive race-legal seat that could be installed for race day action that is at...
  4. P

    Black Leather Seat Skins, OE Used (skins only, not the foam or frames)

    I recently replaced the skins on my '92 with some new ones from leatherseats.com. I removed the OE skins as carefully as any human could, and figured someone out there could make use of them for their restoration project. With some minimal stitching work, you could pretty easily combine the...
  5. B

    Interior Status Racing - Ring FRP Bucket Seats (FIA) - Red w/ Black Insert

  6. Risen

    Interior Black OEM Driver Side Seat from 92

    Black OEM Driver side seat from a 1992 with 158k miles. Left bolster is worn and has a tear. Electronics works. Comes as pictured. Would make a great reupholstering project. $200 local pick up or I can ship it out by Fed Ex or Greyhound Express at your expense.
  7. J

    OEM Sheepskin Demi-Seatcovers

    Sold-OEM Sheepskin Demi-Seatcovers Items are sold.
  8. J

    Interior Replacement Seat Cushion - Dali Racing >> $90 includes shipping!

  9. Stevon

    Need 93+ SRS seatbelts with yellow Connectors

    Purchased a set of seat belts from a guy on Prime who swore they were from a 1994 car. Long story short, they were clearly labled 1990 and the wrong ones. I hope he will refund my money..... What I need is a set of undeployed 93+ seat belts both sides for my 1995-T, see example picture below...
  10. Stevon

    Interior WTB 93+ seatbelts W/SRS plugs

    I have a set of 91 seatbelts installed in my 95-T. Ergo SRS light is on. Parts and/or adivice to fix SRS light would greatly be appreciated. Stephen
  11. L

    LeatherSeats.com Reintroduction 56k Beware

    We’ve been inactive on the NSXPrime forum for quite a while now. Since then we’ve had some development in what we can offer for your NSX interior so we want to reintroduce ourselves. Here at LeatherSeats.com we have been making high quality, fully customizable leather upholstery covers for the...
  12. imflipside

    Interior Dali Racing replacement seat cushion: Leather, smooth

    Bought just a couple of months ago, like-new condition, hardly used. Works great, but not comfortable enough for my DD on long trips. Paid US$275+$10 shipping + taxes, will sell for $225 (I'll pay shipping). See it here: http://www.daliracing.com/v666-5/catalog/index_browse_part.cfm?focus=447...
  13. J

    Seat hight or headline modification

    I am looking to buy an NSX and I have test driven several cars. While I am only ~6 foot tall, I have a long upper body. Due to my upper body length, I cannot adjust the stock seat so that my head does not hit the bump in the back of the headliner. Can the seats be modified (or lower...