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  1. 03 raw nsx

    Smog check - oxygen sensor not ready

    I went for a smog check and couldn’t get tested - Twice. Couldn’t get past the oxygen sensor, oxygen sensor not ready? Does anyone know the drive cycle that needs to be done to set the oxygen sensor? TIA Rich Wong
  2. 3.00 vs 3.2 turbo - pros and cons

    Hello NSXers! First post here - I'm in the market for an NSX and I've narrowed it down to a dark colored Targa, but now I'm debating 3.0 vs 3.2, as I eventually do want to put a turbo in. I understand the 3.2 is simply a bored and stroked 3.0, is that correct? If so, does it make more sense to...
  3. Failed then Passed CA smog – OBDII advice & Drive Cycles

    Here is my semi-educated info, specific instructions beyond “just drive it” and experience on passing smog in California. If the Battery has been disconnected for replacement, service or if the codes have been cleared, the car may pass the emissions test but fail the OBD II systems test...
  4. 50 state emissions legal?

    Hi there, I live in CA and am considering buying an out-of-state NSX, can anyone tell me with certainty if the first-gen NSX's emissions system is 50-state legal? Thanks in advance!
  5. drewdeezee

    Exhaust Prospeed 300-cell Cats

    Prospeed 300-cell high-flow cats pulled off a 1994 NSX. It was on the car for about a year and a half / ~7k miles. I failed the smog test with these on. I removed them and replaced them with my OEM cats and easily passed the retest. Therefore I am selling these cats for the price of test...
  6. Stevon

    California Smog test failed

    95 NSX T new cats are installed but problem prevails............. Parts installed: 4 new O2 sensors New PCV valve New plugs New coils New timing belt New thermostat New cats New fuel filter New fuel pump Removing the old cats I was very disapointed to see that they were still good with no damage...
  7. Failed smoggg

    Here's the deal, i bought the car 2 years ago and it passed smog fine with the catalytic converters installed. They were taken off and replaced with test pipes for 2 years of driving. Its time to smog the car again and so a week ago i put the cats back on. I've only driven it for a few miles...
  8. Track Addict

    92 Stock Cats for sale

    I am getting an exhaust on my car this weekend and am trying to sell off my stock cats. They're coming off of my 100% stock 92 nsx with 90K on them, they work perfectly, no issues whatsoever i just want to get some extra cash for my new exhaust. I am looking to get $550.00 shipped obo for both...
  9. calexand

    Jim Russell is available again! (And a smog tip)

    Jim Russell, whom I and others have written lots of praise about for his extensive NSX knowledge, is available again! He is now Service Manager at Acura of Serramonte 650-985-1000. A little farther away than he was at Hopkins Acura in Redwood City, but I sure plan to go the extra trip. I...