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snap ring

  1. HDA

    New owner of a...snap ring issue!

    New owner of a...snap ring issue! NOW FIXED! Love it! Hello NSXPrime, I have a few questions regarding a 1992 NSX. The snap ring broke. The car still drives and shifts fine, I commute 2 miles a day with some traffic. Do I absolutely need to stop driving it and fix it? Granted that I shift...
  2. WTB: 5 spd transmission non snap ring NY/NJ/CT

    Hey if anyone has a 5spd transmission laying around that's not in snap range shoot me a call or text, thanks! 917-861-0958 dan
  3. Need some verification.

    Hello my fellow primers. I'm new to Prime but not to the NSX. Been following the car for nearly 15yrs. Finally decided its time to live my last hoo-rah before marriage and kids. That being said, I found a nice 92. Immediately, my initial concern was the snap ring being replaced. Questioned the...
  4. Yinzer

    Prospective puchase's maintenance history question - glass half empty or half full?

    I have 2 question for anyone who's willing: one specific to an NSX I'm considering and one that's a somewhat philosophical question to NSX/car shopping in general. #1) I'm looking at an early NA1 with ~70k miles that has the following records. I don't believe the pile of records is complete...
  5. transmission rebuild in souther california -- advice?

    i've got a '91 with 130k miles. my snap ring failed last week and acura wants to charge me $10k to install a new transmission... forget that. i'm looking to rebuild the transmission, go with the short gear set up, and (depending on cost) maybe upgrade the final drive. weir canyon acura...