1. Risen

    Trick to removing valve covers from a 1992? Stuck

    I'm trying to remove the valve covers to change the gaskets since it is leaking oil and do valve adjustments, but they won't budge. I've removed all the required nuts and bolts. Being that it is a 92, it looks like the gaskets are original from 24 years ago so it is like glued on there. I've hit...
  2. OEM Head Unit stuck in tape rewind

    When I turn on the stereo head unit, it is stuck in rewind tape mode. The tape has rewound, but the head unit continued to rewind. Also, the LEDs on the screen are all on, as in startup test mode. I removed the head unit, took it apart (didn't take much) and was able to remove the tape...
  3. vf2ss

    The $1.55 Repair

    If you all of a sudden discover one day (while out of your car) that your brake lights are illuminated as if the pedal is still being depressed, or your battery is dead, this might be the solution. If you haven't read this yet, in an effort to get your brake lights off, you've probably: •...