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  1. D

    WTB NSX Gen 1 - Texas

    Greetings folks. New member here. Really interested in purchasing a first generation NSX. I'm located in Waco Texas, so meeting face to face with a seller in Dallas, Austin or Houston is not a problem. Color is not a big deal. Mileage and price are more important honestly. Budget is around...
  2. NSX1145

    Custom Comptech Supercharger Kit + Intercooler + Big 80mm TB + AEM INFINITY EMS & Mor

    Custom Comptech Supercharger Kit $6500! New thread created - most of the parts here sold.
  3. NSX1145

    Acura NSX's Maintenance / Upgrades & Factory Services by SCW PERFORMANCE Dallas TX!

    Acura NSX's Maintenance / Upgrades & Factory Services by SCW PERFORMANCE Dallas TX! Hello Prime, This thread will serve as a photo documentary of many of the NSX's that we service & modify here at our shop SCW Performance in Dallas Texas! SCW Performance www.s2carbonworks.com If you own an...
  4. K

    Wanted: Sub 80k mile NSX. Preferred Black/Black, will consider other colors.

    Looking for a "low mileage"(sub 80k mile) NSX in black/black leather. My next preferred color is white/black, will also consider silver, yellow. Shoot, I'll consider any color(except for RED, no offense to all the beautiful red NSX's :smile:), but must have a black interior. Original paint, no...
  5. ca2822

    Texas Window Tint Inspection question

    So I just moved to Texas and I am going to have to get my nsx inspected in the next month. I just read about the TX tint laws and apparently they test your windows to see how dark they are and I know for a fact mine aren't going to pass. Does anyone from Texas have any insight to any good shops...