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track addict

  1. Track Addict

    TiDave's Updated Non Compliance Rear Bearings

    Hey everyone, In his tireless efforts to continue improving his products, titaniumdave asked me to install and write a review on his "revised" rear beam bushing insert. I was very happy to oblige Dave and excited to see what he had in store for me (and the community as a whole). Typically the...
  2. Track Addict

    TiDave non compliance bundle WITH mobile installation in CA!

    This is a: Third party group buy, Minimum Number of Units:10 Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited Closing Date: 6/13/14 Product Will Ship: 4 weeks after the group buy is closed (lead time) Payment Procedure: Deposit of $350 (if only ordering bushings) $800 (if ordering bundle) upon sign up...