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TiDave's Updated Non Compliance Rear Bearings

18 January 2010
All over CA
Hey everyone,

In his tireless efforts to continue improving his products, [MENTION=9035]titaniumdave[/MENTION] asked me to install and write a review on his "revised" rear beam bushing insert. I was very happy to oblige Dave and excited to see what he had in store for me (and the community as a whole). Typically the Cedar Ridge Fabrication (CRF) Rear non compliance bearing consisted of; the bushing with the spherical bearing pressed into it, two inserts with O-rings to help prevent dirt and debris from entering the shaft of the bushing. Once I received my package from CRF I immediately noticed the change. Dave added another, much larger seal to both of the inserts on top of the O-rings that I have become accustomed to seeing. This is a very minor change that offers a very large degree of protection for the expensive bearing that lives in these Non Compliance units.

The great news is that the updated version is able to be retrofitted to any of the cars that currently have the Cedar Ridge Fabrication Rear Non Compliance units. The difference between the old and new is the insert is machined to accept this very clever seal that is bonded to a specifically sized metal collar;

New Inserts (straight through and offset inserts shown)

The benefit to this design is the ability to prevent dirt and debris from entering the spherical bearing in-between the inserts and prolonging the performance and life of the unit as a whole.

My review

I received my new set of inserts from TiDave along with instructions to document my thoughts regarding the installation and any differences in driving behavior. I will go out of my way to first say that these new inserts are very challenging to install compared to the old style. The fitment of these seals is TIGHT​, requiring a large amount of "suggestion" in order to prevent the inserts from walking out of their desired space. Once locking the inserts where they are supposed to putting the control arm back into place insures that everything stays where it should.

After that putting everything back is the same as with the OEM unit.

I have had these installed in my car for about a month and put over 100 miles. My impression of this revision is a great one, once you have them installed they are phenomenal. I have not experienced any new squeaks or binding due to the extra rubber and tight fitment. I have yet to go to a track event with these installed, but on the off chance I should have an off track excursion I feel very confident in the ability of these new seals to do their job impeccably.

Ok, you're impressed, but you don't have TiDave's Non Compliance Bushings yet?

--No problem, let Dave (or me) know that you're interested in the new style when you make your Non Compliance purchase and we can make sure that you get the "new" style

What would be needed in order to convert from the old style to this new and improved version?

--The inserts would need to be removed from your car and exchanged for inserts that are made to accommodate these new seals. Due to the complexities that can arise from removal/installation it is highly recommended that an experienced mechanic or shop perform the work. There would be a nominal cost increase to switch from the old part to the new style insert

Big thanks to TiDave for continuing to bring great products to the NSX community. Please post your thoughts and questions regarding these inserts.


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