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  1. nsxnemo

    Interior used na2 valve covers

    Selling my used spare set of na2 valve covers painted vht red paint. $400 shipped within the US
  2. Risen

    Trick to removing valve covers from a 1992? Stuck

    I'm trying to remove the valve covers to change the gaskets since it is leaking oil and do valve adjustments, but they won't budge. I've removed all the required nuts and bolts. Being that it is a 92, it looks like the gaskets are original from 24 years ago so it is like glued on there. I've hit...
  3. chussey

    Magnesium Engine Cover

    One magnesium engine cover. Some scratches and scrapes, as shown in photos. The scuff in the middle of the top goes into the metal a small amount, it wouldnt take much to fill in before repainting. $250 shipped
  4. gt_nfr

    Help diagnose ticking noise - w/video

    Hey guys, I've tried searching my issue but have not found anything consistent with what coundts as excessive ticking. I know injector tick at a pretty high frequency. But this noise just appeared about a month ago, after an oil change. I double checked the oil level and it's actually just...
  5. Stevon

    Valve Adjustment Chart

    Guys, Made a handy dandy valve adjustment sheet. Print it out and keep track of which valves were adjusted as you turn the crank and adjust each one. Stephen
  6. KrayziE RussiaN

    Powertrain NA1 Valve Covers for my '91 NSX (pair)

    I'm looking for a pair of Valve Covers for my '91 NSX. Let me know if you have a pair. Thanks! STILL LOOKING... BOUGHT A PAIR BUT THEY ARRIVED DAMAGED... SO EITHER NEED ONE FRONT (with oil cap hole) or A GOOD DEAL ON A PAIR...
  7. JS2k

    NSX Fumoto Oil Drain Valve - Making Oil Changes so much easier!

    About the JS2k.com Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Introducing the easiest way to change your oil with no need to remove the drain bolt or get hot oil on your hands! Benefits!: * No tools needed (for future oil changes) * Never get hot oil on your hands again! * Winter and Summer friendly oil...