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window regulator

  1. M

    For Sale: Used OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Switches - Driver and Passenger Side

    For Sale: Used OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Switches/Regulators - Driver Side (Honda part #: 35750-SL0-A01ZA) and Passenger Side (Honda part #: 35760-SL0-A01ZA); Both in good working condition, and plastic connectors are intact- both driver and passenger switches have a very minor, barely...
  2. R

    1991 NSX Driver Window clunks at bottom when opening

    I suspect this has something to do with the window regulator but couldn't find any discussion of my problem. My driver side window goes up and down without problem, but when it gets to the bottom it recently started making a clunk sound. It all appears to work fine, but I don't like the clunk...
  3. M

    USED - OEM Acura NSX Power Window Regulator (Driver's Side)

    For Sale: Used, but in great working/operational condition - OEM Honda/Acura NSX Power Window Regulator, Driver's side (left-hand drive), Part #: 72250-SLO-AO2. These are becoming more and more rare, and difficult to get. Asking $325 shipped OBO - Thank you!
  4. M

    WTB: donor/ damaged/broken window regulator/ speakers/ lip

    Hey guys Looking to see if anyone has an old window regulator laying around - mainly need the cable in it as mine has warped. Also open to complete driver window regulator if you have it. Na1 oem front lip, KWV3 coilovers, as well as speakers (need all of them - open to aftermarket setup as...
  5. Big McLargeHuge

    Window Glass Slider/Guide Rattling

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of replacing/fixing a few internal parts of my doors, and preparing to rebuild my window regulators with the Hugo kit. I noticed my right-hand door glass has quite a lot of play inboard/outboard and some front/back as well. I took a video of this and posted it here...
  6. C

    Window motor spring rewind question

    Just in the process of rebuilding the driver side electric window after the shorter cable broke. Watched Hugo's video (am rebuilding with one of his regulator upgrade kits while I'm at it) however when I was dismantling the motor, the cables had wound around the plastic cable drum which meant...
  7. C

    Window regulator replacement wire supplier and starter motor question

    Hi The window regulator wire broke in the d/s door this week. Took the door apart, removed the regulator and the plastic slides were pretty worn. Managed to get the window to stay in place in the raised position with a strip of duct tape but need to get it repaired. I was hoping I could just...
  8. H

    Replaceing Window Regulator on 92 NSX

    A few years ago I had to replace the window regulator on the passenger side. I found a set of instructions on exactly how to do this with detailed pictures. Now the driver's side has failed and I can't seem to find these instructions again. Looked everywhere. Anyone have any idea where I can...
  9. V

    Interior Window Regulators L&R

    Im selling a pair of used window regulators, the passenger side needs a new metallic wired for the pulleys you can get it rebuild for 120 bucks. Im looking at 300 shipped for the pair OBO open to offers. Nico