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Window regulator replacement wire supplier and starter motor question

22 September 2005

The window regulator wire broke in the d/s door this week. Took the door apart, removed the regulator and the plastic slides were pretty worn. Managed to get the window to stay in place in the raised position with a strip of duct tape but need to get it repaired.

I was hoping I could just get the window fixit kit, but now need to source a regulator wire to replace the one that broke. I have read about a place in Brooklyn NY called Window Regulators USA who offer a rebuild service however when you hit the website you get a 'down for maintenance come back in 15 mins message'.

Has anyone used their service, are they still in business and are there any suggestions for alternative sources for the window regulator wires? The wire that broke is housed in the light grey outer sheath and I believe is the shorter of the two cables.

Also, it turned into an expensive weekend as the starter motor also needs replacing. I put a new battery on it and a new ign key switch and I'm still getting the intermittent click but no start issue. Looking online I can get either Denso or Bosch starter motors and I'm assuming the Denso version is the OEM on a 1995 NSX. Any preferences for Denso or Bosch when replacing the starters?

Thanks in advance
When you replaced the battery was there any corrosion on either of the battery cables? The positive (+) end tends to be the one that gets corroded. If so, did you clean the cable ends with a small wire brush? Look at the cable where it connects to the battery connector and see if there is any white powder up in the strands of copper wire. If so, use room temperature diet soda to rinse the corrosion away. Use diet since it doesn't have sugar that leaves residue. You can coat the battery terminal and the whole cable end with grease before assembly. This will keep it from corroding again.

You can get almost any part to repair the starter. Look here,

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Thanks Brad

The battery terminals are in good shape. I had an issue with the positive battery terminal a while back and simply replaced it with a new clamp from PEPboys which is more robust than the copper clamp that is on the car. When I did this job, I greased the posts and the terminals so the corrosion is minimal.

I was able to find a vendor on Ebay who sells the 31208-PR7-J01 Denso/Acura starter motor bushes for $21.95 including delivery so I have bought a set. Will drop the starter motor and install a new set of brushes and see how the old ones look in a week or so once they get here. Right now, its starting first turn, but that can end quickly as other owners know! With a solid connection, a fully charged battery and a fully functioning key switch, the starter symptoms are almost identical to a flat battery - the ignition will either click or will crank the engine very slowly as if the battery is exhausted.

Are you going to do the starter rebuild yourself? What was the Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) rating on the new battery? Have you checked all of the grounds on the engine? If the positive connection at the battery is good, the battery is new (checking CCA), new ignition switch, it's probably the starter. I like to eliminate everything else before I remove the starter. Don't forget to disconnect the Ground (-) on the battery before pulling off the starter.
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Its a Group 35 Bosch with 640CCA and seems to have no trouble spinning the engine over. My feeling it is the brushes in the starter motor. I tried to buy a reman Denso unit from CarID.com but when it came to check out their system stated they couldn't ship to addresses in CA for some reason (not quite sure what is in a reman starter motor that would cause problems here in CA - it isn't like they have to be CARB compliant like catalytic converters).

So off to Ebay and found the starter brush plate for $9.95 plus $12 shipping. Evidently it is the same part number as is used on other models such as the Toyota RAV4 and various other more widely produced vehicles than the NSX. Once I fit it, I'll post the details on here together with the various other models that are listed as alternatives to the part I have bought so that if anyone else needs to do it they have some alternatives to just looking for an NSX part number for the brush plate.

On a separate note, I didn't get a reply to my email to windoregulatoruse.com in NJ and the phone number listed on their website is now disconnected so it looks like they have gone out of business. I need to find somewhere where I can get the two window cables remade so I can rebuild the window motor. The cable looks a similar diameter to bicycle brake cable and the barrel nipples look fairly standard too.

i got this denso reman starter for about $200 and it solved my click/no start problem and has worked great for a few years now-

i don't put anything aftermarket on my car unless i'm convinced it's as good or better than oem,i don't want to put an inferior part on just to save money.a new one was over $900 and this seemed to be the same.when it came there was a brief scare bc the mechanic said it looked a bit different from the oem one that was on there.after doing some checking,it appeared my 95 might have gotten a leftover 94 starter when new,that they were interchangeable,and that the 95 ones actually were a bit more powerful,so i have been happy with it.i wanted denso bc that was oem,don't know anything about bosch.
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