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02-05 NSX vented skirt with doorcaps & 02-05 NSX front lip

28 March 2008
southern california

$750 shipped to the US(skirts)

The parts are made by VIS, quality is ok but does look like it would need some work. This will fit the 91-05 Acura NSX

$375 shipped to the US(front lip)

02-05 Acura NSX

If anyone is interested or have any questions let us know. Thanks
Vis is copying the Stacy skirt now?! :eek:
Vis is copying the Stacy skirt now?! :eek:

Looks more like the GT-ONE skirt since the vent opening is only on the upper half of the skirt.
Sideskirt looks like Stacy's if the vented portion bulges out. GT-One vent is lower. Pretty good price.
Agreed. GT-One's have the vent in the lower portion of the skirt, and its more narrow as well. These definitely look like Stacys. Someone should let Stacy know :tongue:

Knock off body kits was what put Veilside out of business.
Vis is copying the Stacy skirt now?! :eek:

They sure do like mine.However I think that they are the Original(first type) of skirts that I built.The sides are very flat and the vent striations are smaller.

***Be very careful guys these may be REALLY low to the ground.***

Notice the distance between the bottom of the vent and bottom of the skirt.I will attach a pic of the first type(ones advertised here).
The ones called Signature series(second type) are the best looking ones IMO,closer to stock height,a little more curved and are sold by other vendors.

Funny thing is I was in talks with these guys to build my Porsche 997 sideskirts,LOL!
So much for having them build them,but I may be willing to sell them the proto-types for the 997's for a price?

BTW hard bunch to get in touch with as well.I have sent these guys a couple of emails and even tried to call a few times,but no answer!


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