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16/17 OEM 7-blades

11 July 2014
Chicago, IL
Blade II.jpgBlade I.jpgBlade III.jpgBlade IV.jpgBlade V.jpgBlade VI.jpgBlade VII.jpg

Wheels need refinishing as they are ugly, ugly and just plain ugly. I used these at the track once and around town (but only at night so nobody would recognize me.)

See the photos, but again...they are ugly. They will need refinishing...unless you just want to use them as track wheels.

No bends or cracks or signs of previous repair.

Tires are Yokohama S Drives 215/245 -40 - 16/17 with plenty of deep tread left.

1K Picked up in Chicago, Illinois
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If you are willing to ship, I’m interested if the wheels are true and straight, and the tires have usable life.

It seems as if 16/17 blades go for either ~$750 (with tires) or $2500 (bare). The lower end is for wheels that have seen some miles, the high side for refurbished wheels.