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18x9 +40 in the front?

27 November 2005
SoCal ✈ Vegas
There is a set of Yoko Advan Model 5's on ebay, here:

Now I initially passed over these the last time they were on ebay, as the front seems very aggressive for a stock-fendered nsx, but playing around with the wheel offset calculator it seems like they might work?

The 18x10 +45 (R) should fit without issue, the concern is a 9" wide front rim, and what tire you can mount to this rim - according to the specs for the yoko avs es tire you can fit as low as a 225/35/18 on a 9"-wide rim, so with a +40 offset and a 225/35/18 tire this wheel *could* work on an nsx? Worst case it seems like the rim may stick out approx 5-7mm from the edge of the fender, but this appearance would be reduced by the stretched 225 - obviously the rims would have no protection against curbing, but would there be a serious rubbing issue (possibly requiring the removal of inner fenders)?
the rear is good to go,
but the front will stick out about a 1/4inch (5mm to be more exact) more than this pic below.
you can already see that even with this offset, the front wheel is pretty aggressive.
just go widebody if you get the 9inch front...
although a friend had put similar size wheels from his RX7 onto the NSX. they fit, but they were throwing the ABS out of whack. might want to reconsider it. but i think he had wider than a 225 in the front.

the front is 18x8 offset+34.
tires: Nitto 555 Extreme ZR 225/35/18. tires rub on full lock and driveways

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