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Best sources for 02-05 wheels? oem new / oem used / SoS clones?

9 July 2020
Hi guys- recently upgraded or downgraded (depending on your point of view) from a 2005 to 2001, and I must admit, those 16" front wheels look pretty old school, even for this old guy.

I liked the 17x7, 17x9 combination on my 2005, where I mounted 205/40 and 255/40 PS AS4 all season tires, which were great.

I see three possible sources:

New oem $7200
Not sure if they're the best source for biggest discount, but acurapartsforless.com shows about $7200 for a new set. (Assuming they're actually available...)

Used oem $5500-$6900, negotiation may be possible.
A couple choices on ebay, a US guy with not much feedback offering a refinished set for $6900, obviously too much if new ones are $7200.

A Japan seller with a set for $5500.

It seems to me that if you buy 20 year old refinished wheels, you really don't have any idea what you are buying.

New SoS clones, about $2500
They offer 17x7.5 for the front, which is still fine for my 205/40 size. With the increased width and slightly different offset, they'd stick out .6" more than my existing wheels.

They normally sell 18x9 for the rear, but I want 17. I see they have a 17x9 marketed for the S2000, but offset looks good, If my math is right the slight difference in width and offset would make them stick out .4" more than my existing wheels.

I think I'd need a pair of hub centric rings like these to mount the S2000 wheel on the back of the NSX.

The bottom line:

SoS seems like a no-brainer to me, assuming their wheels are nice.

Anyone have any other perspective or experience?
I think Mita has the best offsets for that OEM+ look. I really want a set in Bronze but I like the wheels I have on the car already.

I definitely won’t pay premium for OEM unless I had an 02 I was restoring to factory. The aftermarket options are plentiful. Just get some matching center caps. For the aftermarket wheels.

+ you know what you are going to get a straight undamaged wheel.

I like Mita’s aggressive offsets the best personally. A lot of people run spacers on the OEM wheels. The Mita wheels eliminate the need to get that nice flush look.
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They have a bunch of options for offset so you can definitely find what you are looking for. Substantially cheaper than the OEM option.