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19 NSX brakes

10 December 2023
I have a 19’ NSX with 21k miles and the brakes were making some noise nothing major. Long story short a friend told me to just spray some wd-40 on them and i did without thinking twice about it.

They are now making a crackling noise when I drive. I obviously now know how stupid I am for listening to that friend.

My questions being should I just get the brake pads replaced or the rotors as well? And can anyone recommend some break pads to me. Thanks in advance.
iron or carbon?
If you don't track , and pads are oem, I would just replace pads, but you can measure the rotor thickness and run that by the dealer..
It is a bit of work, but if you want to try and save some money, clean the rotor surface to get any residual wd40 off (use isopropyl alcohol). You can try to clean the pads by sanding the contact surface. With a sheet of emery paper you can rub the pads back and forth. If the pads were soaked with wd40, you may need to replace. As noted if the rotors are still in tolerance you can have them turned. Noise can occur for variety of reasons. Humidity in the air, a smooth warn surface on the rotor. If the rotors have a shiny surface you can use some emery paper on the surface to get rid of the shine. Or just turn the rotor/replace and put on new pads.
Even my OEM Ceramic Rotors will exhibit some squeaking noise. Usually stops after some hard braking.
I was going to recommend that you check the parts for sale section as someone has new front pads for sale half price. I see you are already inquiring. Inexpensive fix.
Keep in mind there is a recommended method of braking in new pads. I would turn the rotors to start with a fresh and even surface, then bed in your pads. Good luck, let us know how it goes.