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Mini nsx owner

12 October 2023
Hey guys, I drive a k series mid engine crx and recently did some large brake upgrades which lead to some thrown off brake balance. With an nsx being the most similar vehicle Honda makes I joined hoping to learn as much as I can about weight balance, alignment, suspension tuning and brakes.

I was going to wait to start asking questions but I’ll go ahead and get the ball rolling. I’m using a “4040” prop valve from a integra. I’m using s2000 brake rotors, calipers, oem pads and ap2 booster and master. As one would expect it’s not challenging at all to lock up the fronts (195s in front, 215s in the rear) so my knee jerk reaction was to buy an nsx prop valve and see what difference that makes. But I can admit I don’t know a ton of info on this topic so I’m going to first ask for some advice from you.

More details, I do not know the weight/balance of the car at this time. The car is not used for any specific racing/class, it is a street car.

I would have loved to do front and rear oem nsx brakes instead, overkill for the car but I like the idea of embracing the MR platform and oem parts. In the end, s2000 was cheaper and more readily available.

Hoping to balance it enough to be able to fully utilize the ability of the current setup.

Thanks in advance!
Well, I for one, would love to hear a lot more about the car itself and certainly wouldn't object to some pictures. I've always felt that the CRX ands the Del Sol that followed it looked like mid-engine cars and a K-Series mid-engined CRX sounds brilliant! Please tell us more!