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1991 NSX for $19000 need help on making decision.

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26 July 2005
in a pine apple at the bottom of the sea
Hi there

I found a 1991 NSX locally for $19000

clear title and no accidents. The only down side is the car has 170,000miles :confused:

I checked up KBB price and for a private sale for that milage it is 15000$
and for trade in it is 11000$

Im thinking that im paying too much for $19000 for a car 91 NSX with 170K

Is this a good deal? or should i wait for something better to come along.

Thanks so much! :wink:
most cars below 25k are going to have things about them that you will not like, IE salvage title,worn paint/interior,tired motor,bad clutch ect ect if the only real problem with this car is the high milage I would get it checked out by a shop that knows these cars and if there is nothing expensive wrong with it, sounds like a decent deal :smile:
I think it sounds good to me. I bought my '91 NSX with 140,000 miles for $20,000, but I thought that was a steal. Don't worry about the high miles as long the car has been maintained properly. My NSX runs better than my lower milage Lexus and I can easily see it going another 100K without a single problem.

Ill see if i can get it down to 17000. I think the guy is pretty set on $19000 but a big wad of 100's does have mysterious persuading powers.....

If everything goes well this saturday you guys will have a new NSX owner.

I would still apprecaite more input on this issue.

Also im thinking of keeping the car for only 2-3 month and moving on to something faster and better so what do you think i could get resale for this car with a good presentation?

Thank you once again for your input :cool:
2-3 months? If I were you I'd skip buying this car and just move on to the next car.

It takes time to buy and sell the NSX, especially one with this many miles. It may take you a few weeks/months to find a buyer for the car, especially since the carfax will show that you just bought and are looking to sell so soon.

Any prospective buyer will be wary of such a short ownership and may be more reluctant to pay a higher asking price.
um... interesting....

well i have a 94 TT supra right now. Im trying to sell my other 95 N/A Supra and wanted something else fun to drive... always wanted a NSX since i was like 19. Now im 22, worked hard and got the money.

Also i am looking for a S2000 as my other choice but i think i would rather have a NSX.

Ya i see the issue with the 170K. You really have to find the right person hun... :rolleyes:

Do you think there is 1 person out there looking for a low priced NSX like me?

lol.... oh well we'll see. I'll take a look at the car on saturday with a very critical eye and a smaller wad of money. See if i like what i see and if he bites.
there are a lot of people who are interested in NSXs, not all of them have $17-$19k in cash to buy the car outright. Some of them may be stretching and need to finance the car, which may be very hard to do for such an old model.

Those who have $19k in cash may be more interested in buying a later model since they can afford a newer model and get financing for it.

And there's no need for the "smirk" smiley. I'm giving you some good advice.
" always wanted a NSX since i was like 19. Now im 22, worked hard and got the money." stop it! stop it! I think I'm going to cry! I worked for 12 years to get mine, but hey if you got money to spend I would sugjest you get a newer car with fewer miles and the features you really want :smile:
zahntech said:
" always wanted a NSX since i was like 19. Now im 22, worked hard and got the money." stop it! stop it! I think I'm going to cry! I worked for 12 years to get mine, but hey if you got money to spend I would sugjest you get a newer car with fewer miles and the features you really want :smile:
don't feel bad.

Yea I could have gone crazy at age 22 and done something similar. I'm very glad I didn't.

Sorry you took the smurk the wrong way. it is suppose to be one of those.... "THINKING" looks... but it came off wrong.

My apologies!

I was acturally totally agreeing with you!

My main problem with selling my 95 supra is too many people with big dreams but no money. :mad:

I know that not many people have 20K cash up front... and finiacing only goes to KBB price and if they had that kind of cash, they would get a newer NSX..... :frown:


maybe ill fall in love with it and keep it a bit longer? :tongue:
No problem. Your experience with selling your 95 Supra is going to be similar with the NSX. There are a lot of people who would love to have the car but may not necessarily have the finances to back it up.

However, if you can afford it, I encourage you to get the NSX (if it passes inspection, etc). Who knows, you may fall in love and keep it for much longer than you think.

I know I did. :)
Im not a big fan of finacing or taking out a loan.

Everything i buy i pay out right with cash. I learned that if you dont have the cash for it, then you should work harder and should not have it till you earned it out right.

Reasoning behind not getting a new model is im still saving money to put into my business.

I can get a 2005 model from the show room but that would be a waste in my mind because this money can be used to generate more money in the business... NSX altho very nice does not generate more money.

So im looking for something as reasonable just reward for my own hard work.

Gota keep your eyes on something unattainable and make you sure get it once your reach you goal so that it is reinforces yourself and that you know your hard work is paying off..... thus the NSX.... well first it was the Mr2 turbo, then TT supra .... now the NSX..... and will set my goal again when i get the nsx for a better car. :tongue:
Yeah it sucks to buy a car you cant really afford then take it in the shorts when you gotta get rid of it, I used to work at an Acura dealer and the wash bay kids drove new cars and i Was a new tech making more money than them but driving a 84 honda accord I wondered how they could afford a new car when i couldnt ...the truth is they couldnt eather...if you can pay cash for a 91-92 and injoy the car than go for it ...thats my little piece of wisdom :wink:
lol zahn

just read your post on that guy that flamed the charmelon paint schemed NSX :)

lol that guy got such a good licking.... :) just added my 2 cents to the fray to kick him while he is down for being stubid.

Also with paying out of the nose for something you cant afford only to act like you can .... its really silly. I see kids with BMWs and other nice cars and just laugh inside cause i know they are busting ass at McDicks working 9$/hour to pay 500$/month in payments and 200+ for insurace just so they can pertend like they have more then what they got. This applies to older people also.

silly people :D

your smart of keeping life easy and affordable. thumbs up to the smart man.
What the? its 88 degrees today and I bought a 4k sqft house with hardwoods and granite countertops, A/C ect ect for 375k I doubt your gonna find that in LA :smile:
:frown: dont make me cry.

prices are also inflated here in california and its so hot i can bake cookies on my living room counter ! :eek:

Im my little room with a/c blasting to keep the sweat at bay.


Seattle is nice in the summer tho. i agree but all the gloomyness and the rain in the winder drives me insane. I was so sad during the winter month so i moved down to ca to get more sun :D

375k is a glorious price for a house that big. I was just looking at one with 4500sqft for 1.2Million about a week ago... dont get me wrong the house was built like a castle with your own court yard but 1.2 million..... :eek:
Yeah I got a screamin deal and it seems to be getting warmer and warmer up here we didnt really have a winter the ski resorts wer open for like 3 weeks! :frown:
Uhhhh, just a thought, probably not to cool to slam an entire city or state. Now if you have lived and owned property there, maybe......otherwise not.

I vote for the high mileage well maintained car that is checked out by a Acura NSX technician BTW. I do appreciate that you have your priorities set and want to pay cash for what you can afford instead of goin into debt to get a new(er) NSX. Smart move there. I would guess that as long as the car checks out and has been well maintained, you are going to fall in love with it.

Good luck-
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