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1991 NSX for $19000 need help on making decision.

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If I can get back on track here. godspeed01, if I were you, I'd look at how long you will probably own the car (miles per year, maintenance, etc.), and compare that with the money you will spend. If you're going to drive 5,000 miles a year, then it's probably a good deal if you're on a limited budget (I don't know your budget since I didn't care to read the entire thread). If you want to drive it every day, and put 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year on the car, then it might serve you better to look for another one with fewer miles. Again, if this is the most you can afford, then it might dictate how many miles you drive it a year. I must say, that is cheap for an NSX.
I have ample funds to back up the repairs. I can basiclly take a 2005 off the lot no problems but dont see that being a well utilization of my money.

Im going to be switching off and on between NSX and my 1993 toyota Supra TT if i get this car. I have already sold my other 2 cars and only have a 1995 supra N/a left to go. Im only planning on keeping it for 6 month and guessing less them 5000 miles a year.

Just one of my favorate cars in my youth and want to have it for the "been there done that valve" and something i have wanted for a while now. My supra is much faster then the NSX so im not getting to feed my need for speed.

Just a overall nice car and love the way it looks. Always see *excuse this term* but more maturn individuals driving these nice car and would like for one see a young punk in one :tongue:

Price is good i think but the milage is a killer. I have read of lots of problems that come with the extra milage and have owned a MR2 Turbo so i know that working on the rear engine is a challage to say the least.

Final decision to buy is still based onthe car. If i get a hint of bad vibes, im packing it up and coming home. :biggrin:
I have been reading your posts and they keep getting more confusing to me. You keep boasting about how much money you have, how you can afford maintenance, you could buy a new one off the lot, blah, blah, blah... If you have such a good business and cash is not that big of an issue, why not spend 30k and buy one that is going to be less trouble? You said that it is not a good investment, but you are also going on about how you just sold all these other cars??? WTF kind of investment where all those other cars you just sold? It sounds like you already have good experience buying cars and selling them shortly after. :rolleyes:
previous cars are ... well i had my fun with them. As business gets better i upgrade my cars. Just never had time to sell the previous ones cause im working 14 hours days. I sold them now so im looking for an NSX.

Once again, im looking for a NSX for short term only. 10000$ well invested can generate good money so 20K vs 30K there is a difference.

Once again, im not looking for something to keep for a long time. Just an NSX that i said i wanted when i was younger.

You are mixed up and confused, i said 86K new NSX was bad investment, never said anything about a $30K car. Please dont dance around my post picking what you want to peace together a weak rebuttal.

Next time read & understand before you open your mouth and embarrass yourself. For a older person it is surprising how much u didn't comprehend.

And as for the cars I have sold, they are great investments
, they are ALL sold at a profit
. Maybe this is why i can get a nsx when im young :wink: I get to have my fun and make money........ :cool:

plz flame and role your eyes else where.
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Well godspeed01 looks like you got your aswer about the 19k price tag and you prabably made a few people shake thier heads and get very annoyed with your arguementive tone. If you want peoples advice you should probably take the testosterone down a notch and don't be such a "Young Punk" ..just some friendly advise,,..JZ
i only get testy at the specific people who get silly.

Have i gotten testy at you? :smile: You have been great and treat you with noting but respect. I am very respectful of everyone and still am with exceptions those people who start rolling eyes and getting all hissy fit over nothing.

I just told it like it is. The man didnt understand, did not comprehend and i bet didnt even read all the posts to get a full picture of my situation before he started to flame..... i just pore some water on it before it got too big. He even said him self that he was confused.
I wasnt the one crying about wtf this and wtf that. He didnt understand my business descisions before he started rolling his eyes like he is above it, just added some info to clear it up for him. :cool:

Im young and punky... but dont get the wrong idea tho. I work harder then well 99.999% of the people out there maybe even harder then you. I regularly put in 14-16 hours days 7 days a week and never work less the 12 hours a day. Its too easy to discredit someone because of their age. It takes a stronger and better man to see what is really there. I come here to ask advise about the car, not to get flamed by some 50 year old man all sour about a punk kid earning the car it took him 20 years to buy in 3 years.

Respect and be respected.
I understand exactly what youa re saying and have read all the posts. I also understand your position as a young person working hard and not getting much respect. I am not that much older then you, especially to have you call me "a older person". I also understand that the extra 10k put into the business is a better investment, but that contradicts buying a car and selling it in a couple months. The irony of you calling people out and putting out the flames is that you in a way are contradicting yourself. Anyway, do whatever makes you happy and if you feel like buying the car you liked when you were younger just do it. You sound like you have your mind made up but just like to read all the posts you have.
So, the plan is to buy it at $19k, keep it 6 mos. and sell it to make a profit? I see it being a hard sell as is stands right now, or someone would have snapped it up already. If you buy a moderate mileaged one now, in 6 mos. you should be able to sell it and possibly break even, maybe lose only a little, depending on if you got a good deal or not. I would suggest you first drive one to see if it floats your boat, then continue the search.
I like how you talk about wanting the car for a long 3 years! A classic in my book :biggrin:
lol :)

3 long years :biggrin:

well, it would be nice to sell everything at a profit :wink: . Haven't loss yet.

NuccaJB, i could careless about respect. Right now all i care is about setting myself up to retire in my early 30's. Just all the eye rolling and what not is really unnecessary.

Once again, your not comprehending. I didn't flame anyone but those who are acting silly ( ie you )

There is no contradiction with what I said. I said, "i respect everyone unless they start acting silly"... which you did for really no reason at all. Thus in response I set you straight... there is no irony in that, please brush up on your definition of the word. Once again your trying to piece together weak argument.

please, enough is enough. Please have something constructive to say. I really don't like to "set things straight" every time you post.

You have to admit that your first post was out of line and too strong.

I do have my mind made up about A nsx :cool:
godspeed01, youre pretty quick on the trigger homeboy!! before i snoop to your level and starting putting people on blast or calling people out about being confused im not. this post has turned into you against everyone else. theres a pattern here and everytime you start "setting things straight" youre just hurting your rep here on the forum. im not gonna try to flex on you about how you need to lower your tone, im just gonna let you dig your own grave. i respect that you work hard, sh** i do too. people are just trying to understand where youre coming from.

anyone whos going to buy a used nsx is probably going to do some research on the web. that will lead them to this site and they are going research, read, become part of this forum. then they will see that you bought whatever nsx you bought and now six months later youre trying to turn it. good luck...if you want to talk about this more in person i live in sacramento..basically im telling you to chill a little and enjoy the forums..dont get booted before you even got started.
His initial goal in the thread was to get the satisfaction that he owned the NSX so he can put in his, "Been there done that" book. That statement alone just got me :rolleyes:

While your at it, purchase a wrecked Ferrari (all cash of course) and tell your peers you also own a Ferrari :biggrin:
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