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1991 NSX Red/Ivory Salvage 65k $19,000 VIN JH4NA1152MT000653

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18 September 2003
Del Mar, CA
I am selling the car because I recently purchased another 91 with a 02 Conversion etc. from a friend, I am going to give the best honest description of the car I can, and it is a fantastic deal for the right person. My goal is to disclose everything I know about the car, I do not want anyone who buys it to feel mislead. This is not one of those ads where someone tells you they are selling a 65k mile NSX without any issues for 19K. You can either live with these items or you cannot.

If you are looking for a great driver, this is the car for you, if you want a garage queen, spend more money to get the car you really want. This is the second NSX which I have owned(just bought the 3rd) and I know a lot about these cars. The car was salvaged in 94 and repaired; no I do not have photos or really know the reason for the salvage. The current title on the car is a clean Nevada title; I am listing it as salvage because it does have one in its history. I have owned the car for just short of 5 years and put over 22K miles on it during that period, so I know the car. I purchased it from Prime (see link below). The car is extremely mechanically sound and I have a stack of receipts to back it up. You can see from the previous add there was a lot of work done prior to my purchase. I put a factory clutch in the car at 54k, also replaced the slave and master cylinders. It is not in snap ring range. The two most common expensive items on these cars is the clutch and the AC both of which have been done on this car. The AC works fine in Vegas, the air will sometimes get warm if you are sitting at a long light on a 110 degree day but so does every other car I have owned. I also upgraded the interior to a black and ivory combination, if you look the fit on this is very good. The car has upgrade wheels and tires as wheel with Eibech springs. It also has a 95 exhaust which was modified to fit the car. The door speakers were recently rebuilt by BrainK.

Now for the bad stuff, the car has a lot of cosmetic flaws, there are rock chips etc and the body is far from perfect, I have tried to show this as best I can in the pictures. I would not waste the time or money to get the body to perfect condition your money would be better spent buying a car with a perfect body. The passenger door sticks out some(fit is not perfect), however it does leak or anything, the front nose piece has gap on the right front. The lower front nose has some bad rash on it. There are some nicks around the car. The windshield has some chips in it. I have tried to take photos of these. I call this car a “ten footer”, it looks great from ten feet away. You cannot buy any car for 19K which will get this kind of attention. The windows are slow but both still work. The battery will drain if the car has not been driven for a week of so but I am including the on board plug in charger. The upper B pillar panels have been cut from a harness bar I had in the car (keeping for the new car). The trunk struts do not hold the trunk up. The ash tray area has some chips. I also tracked the car about a half dozen times during the first two years I owned it. I have owned a dedicated track for the past three years. The track days it has seen were not hard as at the time I was a beginner driver at that time.

The price is not negotiable at this point, this one of the lowest prices I have seen on NSX even with the salvage history. I feel that I am offering someone a great deal, so please no low ball offers. I have no issue taking the car to a dealer or FactorX for any inspections etc. There should be no surprises with this car.

Contact info

JD Stull
[email protected]

Orignal add on the car from 03




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