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1995 2 owner Red / Tan NSX-T manual

16 May 2023
Year: 1995
Exterior color/Interior Color: Red over Tan
Number of Owners: 2
Transmission: Manual
In Snap Ring Range? (if 5spd Manual): no
VIN: JH4NA1187ST000607
Mileage: 39,xxx
Are you a dealer or private seller?: private
Location (City, State): Dayton OH
Title (clean or branded/salvage/rebuilt): Clean

Price: $125,000

Contact: Jason via message here for my phone number

Maintenance History: I have ALL records since new, including the pens the prior owner got from the dealership when buying it new. It underwent extensive maintenance before it was sold to me, as documented in the BAT link below.

Details: I got this car off BAT last spring, link here: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-acura-nsx-t-16/ Since then, I've driven it maybe 300 miles and its been stored in a climate controlled car storage when not in use. Title is owned outright but slowly working its way thru the Montana system, should have it in hand in 2-4 weeks. I'm listing it for $125k which is what I have into the car, not counting the $7k PPF. Not really interested in negotiating. I don't think examples like this come up very often and if you want a collectors grade item, this one should be on the list.

I like the car a lot but I've been sick as a dog this last week and been doing a lot of thinking while I'm not sleeping. My cars are awesome but they really don't change my life in any meaningful way so I'm going to sell them all. Listing the two NSX's here first, before autotrader. Also have a Porsche Turbo Cab 6 speed and Corvette C7 Z06 I'll be selling.

Modifications: all original, simply added full car PPF.



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Did your car sell? I’ve got a pristine 1991 with only $13k miles and am getting ready to put up for sale. I’m trying to figure out where the market is.