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1992 Black/Black CA 5-Speed 155k Miles JH4NA1150NT000054 JRZ Volk CE28 Project Mu etc

28 August 2004
Corona, Ca

After agonizing for the past year I've come to the conclusion (for now) to list the car and see where it goes. Been busy with life and haven't had much time to drive the car as I used to, these cars are meant to be enjoyed and driven, not wasting away as a garage queen. Not interested in parting the car out and no rush to sell, my dream buyer is another fellow nsx enthusiast that has been searching for this exact build.


Please test drive/inspect as many NSXs as you can before contacting me. Do your due diligence by researching the modifications that I have done on the car, such as the suspension, brakes, etc. This will allow you to better compare things such as the ride/build quality, interior noise(lack of) and engine response when you see the car in person. Car is in great condition but because of the high mileage it does have imperfections although hard to see in pictures(chips in lower front bumper, tiny rock scratches in front window, etc.)

Click here for Album with various pics of the car throughout my ownership of past 10 years

YEAR & MODEL 1992 NSX Coupe
FULL VIN #: JH4NA1150NT000054
COLOR (EXT/INT): Berlina Black / Black
TRANSMISSION: 5 Speed Manual
CONTACT VIA (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.):

PRICE (MUST STATE A PRICE, IS IT FIRM OR OBO?): $43k Firm, will consider trades + cash.

NUMBER OF OWNERS: 3 including myself.






Full Documentation of all maintenance from Original owner to current in large black binder. A lot of preventative maintenance also done such as new aluminum radiator, all hoses replaced (science of speed hose kit), EGR valve, Main Relay, O2 sensor, Coil Packs, Spark plugs, catalytic convertors, cv boots, thermostat, etc.. All documented with receipts.

Car has passed smog every year, which is no easy task if you're following the smog thread on prime. Last major service done at 105k miles, timing belt, water pump, belt adjuster, valve cover gaskets, various gaskets and VTEC O-rings. Master and Slave Clutch Cylinders replaced at 147k miles, prior owner replaced engine cam plugs and various other maintenance all documented. I've taken every precaution to make sure the nsx is in top running condition since it was driven often.

All known common NSX issues have been addressed and taken care of, such as climate control system being rebuilt by Brian at NSXe-repair.com (all climate control units fail over time), also had him repair the stock stereo system and speakers but they still all fail eventually so hence upgrading to the aftermarket system. I will include the stock head unit as well as two pairs of speakers if buyer wants. The climate control unit has also been taken apart by me and the displays cleaned and the orange clear lens polished so all the numbers are crystal clear and better than new.

All service has been up to date and done at regular intervals at MD automotive in Westminister Ca by only their head mechanic (formerly Jackson Racing before they moved back north). Other various work done at Autowave in Huntington Beach and Evasive Motorsports, all work documented of course. Transmission and oil changed less than 200 miles ago. Have always used Honda OEM filters and recently switched to Denso which has the identical larger sized oil filter that honda discontinued making. Always used mobil-1 synthetic until they changed they switched their base Group oil source, have been using Eneos 0W-50 since then and engine is incredibly smooth and responsive.

Not in Snap Ring Range

Although the mileage is over 150k, 90% of it is from fwy miles driving from Corona to Orange or LA county on the weekends when there is no traffic. Usually for dinner on weekends, cruise along the beach, shopping, car meets or movies. Never parked by Valet as I don't trust them and have always taken the time to wait for a nice openly visible parking spot close to the front, safe from vandalism.

I also have many miscellaneous and special NSX documents such as original window sticker, funny drawings from dealer on original fax to owner, pre-inspection checklist, original acura/bose tape cassette demonstration, copy of class action lawsuit against american honda about premature wear of tires, magazine and newspaper clippings, just on and on. The original and previous owner kept meticulous documentation of the car so I did as well.

List of Modifications and improvements:

Project Mu 2 piece Billet 4 piston brakes with 355mm rotors and Project Mu Teflon Coated Stainless Mesh Brake Lines. The Brake Calipers are cut from a single block of aluminum, you can see the very sharp and clean edges in the picture album, the paint is then anodized to bond with the aluminum for a much stronger finish than if it was painted normally.

MSRP is over $5k USD, according to original owner (Owner of DC SPORTS), mackin industries (seller) said this was the only set in the USA with the 355 rotors, the rest were 332 or 345. These brakes are two piece and larger than Brembo GTs.

Volk CE28 18/19 Rims Gold

Front Rims +30 offset barely clears the huge brakes, front fenders needed to be rolled due to wider wheels, front suspension was dissembled, spring and bump stop removed, reassembled and installed on car. Suspension then cycled throughout it's entire range of travel with same wheel/tire in order to create clearance as needed precisely where it is needed and no more. This allows both the safest and best quality outcome. More travel than the stock suspension is used so that the car handles better by being within the sweet spot of the many additional adjustments the new suspension affords. Fender liners are also retained which is harder to do, all work carefully done by professionals at Mueller racing in Southern California

Detailed pics of Wheels and Brakes Setup:

JRZ RS Coilover Suspension (parent company of Moton, a step above KW suspensions). If you do research on JRZ you will know that they are one of the best if not the best suspension systems available if you want the best in ride quality AND performance.

Shine/route ks front spoiler

50w Front Headlight HID with micro ballast 6,000K white in color with a purple tinge.

Downforce intake scoop for driver side air vent, funnels air directly into the intake box inside

engine bay. vent on passenger side door pumps in outside air to engine bay to keep cool. with windows

Route-ks Rare front turn signal covers, made of polyurethane and extremely durable. i believe they're the only set in the states, i've never seen them on any other nsx or in pics. Blodi's nsx turn signal covers are based off these as i sent him my originals, but those covers are made from acrylic and not polyurethane. the mounting system on the replicas do not mount them as flush or tight as the route-ks with their metal brackets, i've included pictures in the gallery.

JDM NSX foglights installed with 3,000K HID h3 bulbs

comptech ceramic coated headers with titanium wrap

ARC Induction Box - Literally purchased the last new ARC induction box forgotten and sitting in a warehouse from Dali Racing. paid almost double the brand new price as it had been years since ARC had stopped production of these. Still have the original box and documentation, in excellent condition.

seibon type r rear spoiler

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood - bought three hoods and sold the others to find one with the best fit. hood sits absolutely flush with the front bumper and extremely tight.

Carbon Fiber Headlight Covers

JDM Honda NSX dark taillights, brand new set, actually had two, one was modified with JGTC Mugen LED Panels as shown in some pictures below, now i've installed a second set of new JDM tail lights high output CREE led stock replacement bulbs instead. This retains the stock look but with the higher LED bulb performance and brightness.

Taitec Rear Diffuser

Taitec Center Exit exhaust Fully Polished

GT-One Sideskirts painted with Glasurit Paint at Downforce USA

Prospeed Stage 3 Chip for ECU with RDX injectors

Honda Mugen aluminum mesh brake/clutch/gas pedals

Carbing Aluminum Rear Tower Brace

Science of Speed Engine Hatch Struts (pair)

Carbon Fiber GT Mirrors

STMPO Front Chassis Brace (grey)

Honda JDM NSX-R lower chassis reinforcement bar

Honda JDM NSX-R Intake Manifold Plate (silver plate, red filled Honda badge) enpp-481

J's Racing Titanium Shift knob (Blue)

Interior has been fully stripped and rebuilt over period of few years, plastic clips that hold panels
replaced, loose wires or anything that can make rattling sound secured with ties and foam sound
insulation tape.

Replaced both driver and passenger side window motors/regulators($800) and converted to pulley system with nsxprime member
hugabuga pulley kit, regreased rails/belts with high temp grease. have receipts for all clips and small pieces replaced in digital pdf.

Koyo Aluminum Radiator

Aluminum Cooling Panel Satin Finish from SCW

Science of Speed Aluminum Coolant tank with sight glass to see coolant level

replica nsx type-r mesh engine cover, also have jdm type r engine cover latch mechanism that i never installed, have to drill into aluminum but i decided not to in case i wanted to return to stock. original stock engine cover included as well.

retractable antenna replaced with small modern stub type antenna (shark 2)

purchased jdm master window switch so car as "auto up" ability for driver side window. back in days when
acura was sold this feature was not made available in the states for safety reasons and honda's fear of being sued.

Metal strip alongside inside edge of window have been removed and polished (yes this amount of detail was put into the car as i planned on keeping it forever)

replaced leather bolster panel underneath dash due to small scratches from previous owners and loose trim around ignition keyhole. this panel gets worn out easily if the owner is not careful when putting key in ignition, keys will scratch the circular piece that surrounds the ignition and cause marks, same goes with the leather panel as it has chance to get wear marks from driver wearing jeans or having a large keyring full of keys rubbing against it. I keep the nsx key and remote together on a separate ring to prevent this.

Center Gauge cluster removed and cleaned completely, clear plastic cover polished from inside/outside to remove any fine scratches so gauges are now crystal clear almost invisible.

Science of speed Billet Aluminum interior Door handles installed

NSX Type-r mesh shift boot

new and out of production Center Armrest Panel Door and NSX Logo/Plate, basically brand new and flawless condition. Have original one as well for comparison.

Gentex Auto Dimming Rear view mirror

project kics composite lug nuts (R40 neo chro) Composite material stronger than aluminum racing lug nuts

Limited Edition Volk Black GT Center Cap Only 1,000 pieces have been made

Alpine sound system with external audio processor, audison LRX2.250 2ch 840watt amp, hertz hsk 165 6.5" Hi-Energy Speakers, SOS Speaker plates Based off the SOS Audiophile system but with the main speakers and tweeters kept separate and 2 channel amp, did not see need for sub as it already has an incredible amount of bass. Alpine audio processor with audyssey imprint software used laptop and microphone to adjust sound system to match the interior acoustics of the car. If you want more information please let me know.


nsx type-r roof liner

nsx type-r visors

nsx type-r center dome light

nsx type-r b pillars

nsx type-r rear b pillar covers

will also included California Red/Black Indoor Car Cover in perfect condition

Click here for Additional Pictures of Car throughout past 10 years



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