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1992 NSX coupe White/Black 6-Speed 74,650 mi JH4NA1151NT001231

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11 December 2008
Car Information
NSX coupe
Exterior color:
Interior color:
74,650 mi
$55,000 firm

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. No known branded title history.

Seller Information
Houston, Texas

Maintenance Information
Service History:
01-20-14 @ Mileage not recorded. GSB Engine Hatch Strut Replacement
12-21-14 @ Mileage not recorded. CCU Rebuild and Aspirator Fan Cleanout by Brian K (Nsxe repair)
02-19-15 @ Mileage not recorded. Footwell Speaker and (2) door amps rebuilt by Brian K (NSXe repair)
06-19-15 @70560 miles. Major items of this service included: 90K, Timing belt with water pump, full reseal, upgraded LMA’s, installation of cleaned and balanced OEM fuel injectors from RC Engineering, installation of 97+ headers, installation of brand new OEM 6 speed tranmission. Over $13K in parts and labor was spent in maintainence and upgrades.
05-15-16 @ 72300 miles. Replaced Main Relay
04-12-19 @ 74567 miles. Oil and Filter change, Lube joints, ABS rebuild on a working ABS unit with 65k and reinstall , PPI completed.
06-07-19 @ 74596 miles. Installation of right rear wheel sensor and OEM Trunk shocks
07-19-19 @ Mileage not recorded. Detail and Paint correction by Allure Auto Detailing
08-25-19 @ 74640 miles. New Battery installed.

All Maintenance done by me or IDB Racing here in Houston.

1992 NSX GPW with 6 speed manual transmission. 1st year of the GPW color. Rare and desired color, I believe there is only 1 other GPW for sale currently in the US.
Car was purchased on 12/16/13 with 69,855 miles. Driven sparesly and mainly only on the weekends during my ownership.
EDIT: Comes with (2) Keys ( 1 plastic, 1 titanium/monel) and (2) OEM Keyless remotes (new remotes with leather covers purchased in 2015)

Upgrades from stock:
- 6spd manual transmission - The last brand new OEM transmission that was purchased here in the US. Transmission # SR8M - 8000879. Purchased from a fellow prime member back in 2015. Original 5spd transmission was within the snap range, but never had any issues. I decided to upgrade to the 6spd and it has been the best mod for the NA1 NSX by far.
- SOS Clutch Damper Delete and Slave Hose Kit
- SOS Sport 275 Clutch and Flywheel and Flywheel bolt kit
- SOS Reverse Lockout Box for 6speed
- SOS Lost Motion Assembly (LMA)
- Honda S2000 CR Alum shift knob (6speed pattern)
- OEM NSX-R Mesh Boot and Carbon Fiber
- Stock OEM Headers from 2004 NSX with 30k miles
- Taitec GT Lightweight Exhaust
- (2) AP-X High Flow Cats 100 cell
- Prodrive GC-07C 17x7.5 +44 (F) and 18x9.5 + 44 (R) - rare lightweight forged wheels in NSX spec. Tires are Nankang NS-20 Noble Sport 215/40/17 and 265/35/18 with over 90% of tread remaining
- Grom Bluetooth Adaptor with hands free mic

Extras Not Installed:
- (1) OEM 5spd Transmission - in snap range, but no issues before it was swapped out. Includes existing flywheel, clutch, pressure plate. Transmission # is: J4A4-1005888
- (1) OEM 1992 Stock exhaust and (2) OEM headers and (2) OEM catalytic convertors
- (1) ABS Unit - original Modulator, pump, accumulator from my 1992 NSX. This one does not work. A used one was sourced and rebuilt using the Warrenw rebuild kit and installed on my car instead.
- (6) OEM fuel injectors from my 1992 NSX. I bought a second pair and had those cleaned and balanced through RC Engineering, and installed to minimize down time during the 90K service.
- (2) OEM rear brake calipers (used) from 97+ and (2) rear brake discs (used) with brake pads and SS brake lines. Was going to upgrade to the Type R braking setup (NA1 front/NA2 rear). Needs 97+ caliper bracket to complete the setup.
- (4) OEM 1992 Wheels and Tires - the "fat fives" that original came with the vehicle. Rear tires are practically brand new, front tires have good tread but may need replacing due to age. Cosmetically the wheels do need refinishing.
- (1) OEM radio - purchased used from another prime member, non function, parts only, was considering using this spare to upgrade through Willmans Electronics
- EDIT : - (1) OEM Car Phone - Phone, Push Buttons, and Antennae removed. All other wiring kept intact in case you want to put the phone back. Coin tray was replaced with a new one without holes.
- (2) New OEM Floor mats - black with the red outline
- MISC OEM parts - all OEM parts that were removed when things were being replaced or upgraded or maintained. For example, main relay, trunk shocks, 90k items, etc. Some things may be rebuildable, but not sure what one would keep or reuse - I just kept them anyway.
- Plug n Play Harness for Solenoid Energizing/Exercising on 1st GEN ABS Modulator by Joe Scavone
- Set of four Bilstein Shocks and Zanardi springs (setup is used and purchased from prime member). One pair of shocks (one front, one rear) were purchased 12/2014 and have approximately 3500 miles on them. The other pair (one front, one rear) were purchased 09/2016 and have approximately 2000 miles on them. The Zanardi springs were sourced from Japan (no longer available here in the U.S.) on 9/2016 and also have approximately 2000 miles on them.
- Shorai Battery, Battery Tray, and Shorai Charger - was used previously on the vehicle with no issues. Still holds a charge. Removed in favor for a regular battery setup.

Notes: This is my second NSX, as I owned an 02 Imola back in 2010. My plan was to eventually take this car to a point somewhere between a NA1 and NA2, like a Zandari. The 6speed upgrade is the best modification and really makes it a blast to drive. The header/cat/exhaust setup is probably the best sounding combo out there. All it needs is for someone to complete the rear NA2 upgrade and you could call it NA1.5 (lol). I find myself selling the car due to different priorities in my life and I have so little time to drive the car now.

There are some flaws to the paint and worn areas in the seat, as documented in the photos. However, I recently got a paint detail and correction and it really has addressed a lot of the paint issues.

Mechanically the car drives sound and is not due for any major service for a while. The CV boots may need replacement in the near future. I have my original PPI that was done when I purchased the vehicle and a PPI done recently. Nearly all receipts have been kept, along with some receipts from the previous owner. Carfax and Autocheck are clean and I believe I am the 2nd or 3rd owner (original owner had listed the car under a business, so I'm not sure if it will show up on the Carfax as an additional owner). I have title in hand.

I think I have everything listed to the best of my knowledge. The spare tire is included, but not shown in the pictures. If I remember something I forgot, I'll add it in with an edit. Please let me know if you want any additional pictures or have any questions.

The price listed is Firm and includes all the Extra parts above. However, if you would like the extra parts, you will have to be responsible for shipping charges or be responsible in picking them up. If you don't want any of the extra items, I can deduct $500 off the listed price (yes, I would really like for all the extra parts to go with the new owner).

Please contact me for more information. I am located in Cypress, TX (suburb of Houston). Email . Serious inquiries only. No Dealers please. Test drives for serious parties only.


more pics

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