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1992 NSX Ferrari Yellow/Blk JH4NA1159NT001011

23 January 2001
Irving, TX
1992 Ferrari Yellow (Custom paint) NSX!

Vin #: JH4NA1159NT001011

Overview & pics
Known Problems
History & price

This NSX is a looker, the Ferrari yellow makes it a show-car. It used to be red/blk but the guy I bought it from custom painted it Ferrari yellow. This was only cosmetic, it was NOT in an accident. He paid $7000 to this paint shop that builds custom Porches. This is one of 2 yellow with black top 1992 in north america.

Car has 111,600 miles on it. Its always been garaged and taken care of well.
Motor is in great condition, runs smooth and string, without any knocking or roughness.

Everything is in good condition considering the age and mileage of the car.
This is a must see, especially if you want to save on buying a 1997 yellow. This one gets the most looks out of all colors!

link to pics: http://www.muslim-calendar.com/nsxpics/#pics

Known problems:

1. small leak from cams. If I dont sell it, I'll get it fixed. Already have a quote from the dealer.
2. the door latch on the inside drivers side broke, Im trying to find it and will fix it. Not a big problem though.
3. paint is chipped like always on the front lower side because of rock chips.
Besides that, the paint is immaculate condition.


1. Short gears! car was in snap-ring range so the dealer put in a new tranny at 40,000 miles. Put short gears in too at that point.
1. 17/18 Alstadt wheels. fronts: 235/15/17 rears: 267/35/18.
rear tires are 3 months old, fronts are about a year old. The insides are still new but the outsides are gone cause of camber.
2. RM Exhaust, Greddy intake
3. Carbon fiber brake pads
4. thicker sway bars
4. stainless brake lines
5. lowered with Eibach Springs, but stock shocks
6. stereo inside the cabin is OEM and was repaired along with speakers and amp by BOSE just recently. The CD changer is a sony 6-cd that plays MP3s too.


1. All oil changes done regularly, using Mobile 1 FULL synthetic
2. Alignment done 4 months ago by Goodson acura
3. Tune up done by Acura expert just 4 months ago too (valve adjustments, spark plugs etc. etc.)
4. Valve gasket leak fixed just inder 2 months ago
5. 3 amigos (pipes) & coolant bottle replaced 2 years ago
6. Timing belt done at 40000 miles by dealer


I've had the car since 2000. I bought it with 19000 miles and drove it myself all ths time. I really dont want to sell but we had a daughter who's 1 now and its really impractical to keep it. This car NEVER gives me any trouble. I had warranty on it until it hit 60,000 miles so a bunch of regular stuff was fixed by the dealer way back.

I tracked the car about 8 times between 2001 and 2003. Never after that.
I also have a wet NOS kit (in case you dont know, thats the safe option on NOS) in the car, used it lightly only 20 bottles. Then the bottles expired and I never used it again. Last time used was 2003. All NOS parts are still in place and ready to use, if you get the bottles renewed.

This has been my weekend car for most of the time except a few months here and there when I was in -between daily drivers.

Car is in Dallas, TX! Call me, I can show it to you. I can also drive it to you half way (after you buy it) in case you cant make it down here.

Price: Ive checked around and with these mods, condition and the yellow custom paint, I think its worth $28,000. but if you can prove otherwise, I'm flexible.

Moazzam Ahmed
[email protected]


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