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1995 NSX coupe Red/Black 5-Speed 74000 JH4NA1184ST000452

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27 June 2005
This is my NSX, being sold by a friend who is also a broker.

Car Information
NSX coupe
Exterior color:
Interior color:

Car History
Title History:
Current title is clean. Prior title was branded.

Seller Information
Denver, Colorado
(720) 466-3350

Maintenance Information
Recent Pre-Purchase by Chris Wayland at Fisher Acura
Recent Maintenance:
Fresh Timing Belt Service
Water Pump
Spark Plugs
Valve Adjustment
Coolant Flush
Transmission Flush
Brake Fluid Flush
Oil Change
Clutch Master Cylinder
Rebuilt Climate Control Module
Targa Top Seals

1995 Acura NSX Targa Comptech Supercharged
Formula Red Exterior (R-77)
Black Leather Interior
74,000 Miles
C30A 3.0-Liter V6 Engine
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Comptech Supercharger
RM Racing Exhaust w/ 3” Dual Tips
Tein Circuit Master Type-RA Dual Spring Coilovers
^16-Way Adjustable and Corner Balanced
Rear Upper Strut Bar
Momo Steering Wheel
(Original Steering Wheel Included)
Alcantara / Leather NSX Seats (refinished by Autoweave)
Acura / Bose Stereo
Aluminum Interior Trim (recently refinished)
NSX Zanardi Floor Mats
VIS Racing NSX Type R Carbon Fiber Hood
(Original Hood Included)
Removable Targa Top
17” CCW Classic 2-Piece Wheels
Falken Azenis RT660 Tires (freshly mounted)
Enthusiast Owned
Previous Salvage Title from Alabama in 1999
3-Owner NSX
Owned 15 Years by Current Owner
VIN: JH4NA1184ST000452

Recent Pre-Purchase by Chris Wayland at Fisher Acura
Recent Maintenance:
Fresh Timing Belt Service
Water Pump
Spark Plugs
Valve Adjustment
Coolant Flush
Transmission Flush
Brake Fluid Flush
Oil Change
Clutch Master Cylinder
Rebuilt Climate Control Module
Targa Top Seals


The legendary first-generation Acura NSX spanned two decades from conception to the end of production and there have been few cars like it before or since. The NSX was born of an age when Honda was fanatical about quality and precision. It was born of an age when Honda engines powered Formula 1 cars and its drivers won Formula 1 championships. It was an age when Honda enlisted F1 drivers to develop and fine-tune the NSX—most notably a certain Brazilian with the last name Senna. The end result was developed and assembled by a dedicated team in its own production facility and boasted technology never before seen in a street production car. All aluminum monologue construction was incredibly rigid, yet lightweight, which along with extensive aluminum componentry reduced un-sprung weight and resulted overall weight of roughly 3,000 pounds. Precision internatls and titanium connecting rods allowed a redline well north of 8,000 RPM out of a 3.0-liter V6 engine good for 270 horsepower. The exterior and interior design were inspired by the F-16 “Viper” with a clear cockpit theme and excellent visibility (for a mid-engine super car). The NSX is a tool of incredible precision, one where with just a little bit talent it will easily shame more “powerful” super cars that it is often compared to. In fact, Gordon Murray was so impressed with the NSX that he used it as the baseline for the developing the McLaren F1.


This Formula Red over black leather and alcantara NSX-T is a unique and properly sorted example with a formidable list of tasteful upgrades—most notably a Comptech supercharger. Thanks to a previous salvage title history in Alabama, it is the perfect NSX to use and enjoy without the guilt that would accompany more pristine example. Yet, it will easily outshine that example when parked next to it thanks to a replica NSX Type R carbon fiber hood and CCW Classic wheels. The Comptech supercharger has linear and lag-free reliable power delivery that doesn’t compromise the original DNA of the NSX while also bumping horsepower and torque considerably. Comptech Racing has a storied racing history with Honda/Acura and is the single best supercharger platform available for the NSX. The cost of the kit and installing it correctly is significant, but it completely transforms the NSX shifting its powerband much lower in the rev-range. This means you don’t have to rev out the C30A engine—but when you do, it builds wonderfully to redline. The inevitable smiles that follow will make your face hurt!

The list on this NSX doesn’t stop with the supercharger either; an RM Racing exhaust with 3-inch dual tips help it exhale. The added power is put to the road through a 16-way adjustable Tein Circuit Master Type-RA dual spring suspension that was professionally corner balanced by Alignment Specialists of Denver. Inside, the stock seats have been refinished with alcantara centers and leather bolsters by Autoweave Upholstery along with a Momo steering wheel (the stock steering wheel is available). Recent maintenance includes a healthy pre-purchase inspection by Chris Wayland of Flatirons Acura. Leak-down and compression numbers pulled a few hundred miles ago are solid, showing less than 10% leak-down in all cylinders with the exception of 15% in one cylinder and compression values of 170-190psi (*note these were done in Colorado’s mile-high air, add roughly 20% for sea level values). Other items on the list include a timing belt service, water pump, spark plugs, valve adjustment, coolant flush, transmission flush, brake fluid flush, the clutch master cylinder, and a fresh oil change. The climate control module as also been rebuilt, along with fresh targa top seals.

The history shows the NSX being originally delivered in North Carolina in August of 1995 then immediately going to Florida for its first three years under the first owner. In 1998 it moved to Alabama with the second owner and in 1999 (when it was four years old) the Carfax shows it being issued a salvage title and moving to California under that owner until 2005. We do not know why the salvage title was issued, but it was not carried over to California. There is evidence of previous accident repairs to the front clip, but nothing concerning. The third and current owner purchased it in 2005, bringing it to Colorado, where it has remained for the last 16 years. The current owner, who is an engineer by trade, completed all of the current upgrades and most of the recent maintenance (which was verified by Chris Wayland during his inspection). The Colorado title does not reflect the previous title history, but our disclosures documents, along with this listing and the Carfax—both included the records binder—will. As it sits, this NSX is a properly sorted example with a substantial list of upgrades; we have taken both into consideration in our valuation and it represents a fantastic buy in the current market. We would like to find a new owner who appreciates what it is and will enjoy it for the next chapter of its story.


The Formula Red paint is good condition. The entire car has been repainted; the majority of it paint gauges in the 9-12 mil range, with higher amounts in the front fenders. A paint gauge report is included in the records and is available on request. Overall, the paint match is near perfect between panels, but there are slight variances if the lighting is just right. The aftermarket hood fitment isn’t perfect, with the left side hood line being the worst. It is most visible looking forward from the driver’s seat more than the exterior. The front bumper cover alignment is also not perfect, but it isn’t conspicuous either. The lower front splitter is wavy in places with some rash on the lower edge, but also presentable. There are no glaring dents or dings, although there are a few small impressions on the rear fenders and trunk lid. All trim is present with only slight UV fade. The removable targa top has no “hangar rash” from storage and the seals have been recently replaced. The headlight, indicator and taillight lenses are clear and crack free. The CCW Classic wheels are in excellent shape with no curb rash and only slight imperfections in the finish. They are wide in the fenders, but not overly so, lending to an aggressive look. The center caps are for different car models and have been modified to work with the NSX hubs. They are wearing fresh Falken tires, which we mounted in preparation for sale.


Open the door and you are greeted with that lovely Acura leather smell; sit down and the F-16 theme prevails. There are no odors, and it has never been smoked in. The carpet is free of stains and covered by replica black factory NSX-R floor mats. The seats are in excellent shape thanks to being recovered; the alcantara and leather are a nice upgrade from the original leather. All power seat functions work correctly. The dashboard leather is also in excellent shape, as is the aluminum trim. The Momo steering wheel does have some slight wear, but it is presentable. It is a nice upgrade over the stock wheel and adds additional legroom, although the horn is inoperative. The original steering wheel is included, but the airbag has been deployed on it. All instrument cluster gauges work correctly and there are no check engine or warning lights with the exception of the airbag light. The owner reports that this is due to the airbag module, not just the aftermarket steering wheel. The Acura/Bose stereo is functional, but the volume knob rheostat does crackle with adjustment. The power door locks, window switches and mirror switches work correctly. There is some wear on both door cards. The heat blows warm and the air conditioning blows cold. The rear engine cover is included, but in is poor shape. It does not fit over the supercharger and therefore is not installed, leaving the beautiful mechanicals that would normally be underneath visible for the world to see.


There are few driving experiences that can match a supercharged NSX. The C30A engine likes a little throttle on cold start, but once the fuel is primed, it fires and settles into a smooth idle. Once the oil is warmed up, it pulls wonderfully smoothly and exponentially to redline. The RM racing exhaust sounds superb when combined with the supercharger whine. There are no notable oil leaks or drips, but the supercharger does have a tendency to sling a little oil from the pulley seal, which will collect on rear glass if not cleaned periodically. The leak-down and compression are healthy as outlined in the summary paragraph, and the timing belt has been recently replaced along with the other maintenance listed in the summary paragraph. The clutch has zero slip, the take-up is correct, and the shifter is crisp and precise. The driveline and wheel bearings are quiet and there are no vibrations. The Tein Circuit Master Type-RA suspension is communicative and precise, yet still offers a compliant ride even on Colorado’s terrible roads. The brake pedal is firm, and the brakes have plenty of pad life and rotor run out remaining. It passes emissions in the State of Colorado.

This NSX has benefited from excellent ownership of the last decade and a half and is a properly sorted example. It will certainly need continued care and maintenance and is deserving of it. As it sits, this is a turn-key NSX ready to be enjoyed by its new owner. We wouldn’t hesitate to drive it across the country and enclosed delivery is an option if desired for extra cost. We would like to find a buyer who will continue to care for it and appreciate it for years to come.

Glen Shelly is a low volume auto brokerage focused only on the highest quality vehicles. We are airline pilots, mechanics, and auto enthusiasts who bring a high level of professionalism and attention to detail to the automobile business. Our philosophy is to keep our inventory small so that we can focus on thorough mechanical and cosmetic preparation of the vehicles we select. We have over 20 years of experience restoring and repairing automobiles and are intimately familiar with our cars. We do the inspections, service, detailing, and corrective maintenance using only OEM parts and service manuals. We offer an informed and low-pressure sales environment resulting in a premium buying experience. Find out more about us at www.Glenshelly.com.


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